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Vibronics – “The Return of Vibronics”

Vibronics – “The Return of Vibronics”

The Return Of VIBRONICSWhen I hear that Steve Vibronics is making a new release, it gives me the shivers, no matter what it will be – 7”, 10”, 12” or full album. Long awaited, the newest LP “The Return of Vibronics” surely can be found as one of the best made by the hands of one of the best dub producers of our times. Everyone, who knows Vibronics’ tunes can imagine what to expect – but here we get even more bass with great, catchy melodies; even more energy and dub! 12 heavy compositions, each of them can fire up a soundsystem dancefloor. The music is complemented by top vocalists: Micheal Prophet in a excellent, steppers riddim “Searching For Jah”, Macka B in his best style asks us are we ready (always!), Soom T on a initially rootical riddim splendidly sings against Babylon, Madu, who is singing with Steve on almost every show, knows all the ins and outs of the riddims and fits perfectly; Danman’s deejay style is great as usual, the same is valid for I-Mitri’s voicing. Vibronics’ LP one more time opens our minds for beautiful melodies in dub music. This release is a must for every dubhead!




Ps. Also a new, concert album has been released – Brain Damage&Vibronics – “Empire Soldiers live”. A whole hour with fantastic music from “Empire Soldiers” (http://dubmassive.org/5986/brain-damage-meets-vibronics-empire-soldiers-juz-wkrotce/). Well, it’s not much to add, grab it and listen. What a pity, that such concert never happened in Poland – the meeting of two, future dub titans!


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