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[Review] Trigram Six: Musai Soundworks – “Hoinar” / Alpha Steppa – “Ro Heath” (Steppas Records)

[Review] Trigram Six: Musai Soundworks – “Hoinar” / Alpha Steppa – “Ro Heath” (Steppas Records)

Alpha Steppa, who has already announced his next LP, in the meantime continues the Trigram series with tribal bass music.

Taoists believe that there are two opposing yet complementary forces in the natural world: yin and yang. Many natural dualities such as male and female, light and dark, high and low, hot and cold, water and fire and life and death are thought of as physical manifestations of the yin- yang concept. This ancient Eastern paradigm parallels the concept in modern physics of positive and negative forces creating the proton, the electron and the neutron. The Eight Trigrams of Steppas Records derive their inspiration from the ancient Book of Changes (The I-Ching), which states that the forces of yin and yang create the eight primordial features of the universe represented by the Eight Trigrams. Each Trigram is depicted as a symbol comprised of three lines, a straight line symbolises yang and a broken line symbolises yin. These eight symbols are representations of all naturally occurring processes, they represent movement and change. The Eight Trigrams of Steppas Records are an interpretation of the ever changing, myriad sounds of the universe: Forward thinking bass music with a deep roots foundation.

This is the idea behind the series and from the very beginning, it explores a vast universe of sounds; from one side connected to a mystical, tribal spirit, but delivered through modern musical forms on the other side and this is exactly what  Romanian artists Musai Soundworks and Alpha Steppa are doing on this release. Deep vibes derived from genres you know, but with a big part of raw, mysterious force.

Trigram: ☵
Artist(s): Musai Soundworks / Alpha Steppa
Title: Hoinar / Ro Heath
Cat: Trigram06
Label: Trigram
Format: 10″ Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: Spring 2017
Origin: Cluj-Napoca / London

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