roots factory

Brigadier JC (Roots Factory)

Brigadier JC (Roots Factory)

Name: Brigadier JC (Roots Factory)

Description: Based in London.

IMG_1372– Macbook pro
– Fostex Reverb
– KRK Rokit 5
– MOTU Mk3 sound card
– Rhode dynamic mic
– Akai MPK Mini
– Evolution UC33 Midi controller
– Epiphone Gibson Guitar
– Fender Electro Acoustic Guitar
– Boss RE-20 delay
– Benidub siren and lickshot


Location: London


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Roots Factory  ft. Obajah, Afrikan Simba, Hornsman Coyote,  Dub Movement (12”)

Roots Factory ft. Obajah, Afrikan Simba, Hornsman Coyote, Dub Movement (12”)

promo_pictureRoots Factory label has presented us their second release. A Brazilian producer – Dub Movement – created a really lively rhythm that reminds King Shiloh’ productions. In the first vocal version you can hear unappreciated, but very talented Obajah, who in “High Meditation” shows, that he should sail in wide soundsystem scene waters – he chats-sings with an amazing lightness, perfectly fitting the rhythm. The second vocalist, who faced the “Movement Riddim”, is Afrikan Simba himself – a legendary man coming from Nigeria, who plays alongside Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti, Blackboard Jungle, Channel One and has recorded for Reality Shock or Jah Warrior. In his lyrics he calls all of the people to unite, stop fussing and fighting – it sounds really energetic in conjunction with the music. The B side starts from an amazing version with Horseman Coyote’s contribution – the thing he does with the trombone is unspeakable. The last tune is a dub version from Bigadier JC, who literally juices the rhythm with heavy bass and all of the efects!


Below a few words about the album from Stryda, and the music of course!

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