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[Review] “Musical Order” / “Rocking Time” / “To The max!” / “Dub Order” (Forward Fever Recordings)

[Review] “Musical Order” / “Rocking Time” / “To The max!” / “Dub Order” (Forward Fever Recordings)

forwardAfter many great releases and co-operations, Belgian Forward Fever decided to launch their own label Forward Fever Recordings and release this “debut” 12”. As they wrote:

“This release is a special livication to all soundman and woman who inspired us over the years! All singers & players, all promotors pushing the roots and culture vibes and everyone supporting soundsystem culture!”

The release comes with one riddim with 3 vocal versions and 1 dub. Idren Natural, Ras Cloud, Ion One and Rudy Roots are praising what we love to the max – sound system culture, music and the message it delivers. The riddim maintains the high level we are used to from previous Forward Fever’s productions – rich sound, beautifully arranged compositons with warm horns and bass.

Another top release!

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