Dubkasm – “Victory” (Mala Remix) / “Stealth”

Dubkasm – “Victory” (Mala Remix) / “Stealth”

Mala-rmx-1000pxDubkasm’s huge hit “Victory” is coming back one more time as a remix made by Mala. We hear the original horns, but the style of a track is pushed deeper, much deeper, into area of mysterious synth sounds, percussion hits and a slow bassline. This tune was  Dubkasm’s  and Mala’s exclusive for over a year, from today is available on a 10” vinyl. Bass meditation included.

On the B side we get a brand new tune called “Stealth” with fast &fat bassline and lots of flying, echoed sounds.


Dubkasm – Victory (Mala Remix)

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Dubkasm – “Victory” on vinyl from tomorrow (12″)

Dubkasm – “Victory” on vinyl from tomorrow (12″)

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Many have been waiting for this moment! “Victory”, an amazing track by Dubkasm with beautiful, hotting up and knocking out winds will be available on vinyl from tomorrow! This track had it’s premiere over a year ago on Nothing Hill Carnival in London, where sound systems often play special tunes, prepared only for them, for the fist time. So it was in 2012 – at the corner of East Row and Southern Row, where Aba Shanti-I sets out his stacks for years. By the end of the day a big part of listeners had been waiting to see what Aba is gonna serve as the last tune. Finally that time came, he said “last one” to the microphone. And it began – at first without the bass, winds melody filled the street and swinging people to suddenly transform into a cannonade of sounds, elating all of the people. I managed to catch that moment:

The reaction of the people was amazing… and that excitement has been repeating during the next few months, anywhere Dubkasm or Aba Shanti appeared:

And finally, after a year of waiting that tune will be available on 12″ vinyl! You can order the disc from tomorrow on site Victory!


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