Wicked Dub Division

Wicked Dub Division & Michela Grena – “Dub Drops”

Wicked Dub Division & Michela Grena – “Dub Drops”

dubdrops_coverWe get an amazing, so mystical release from Italians – in 2014 a cooperation between Wicked Dub Division (live dub) and Michela Grena took place, what resulted in “Dub Drops”. All of them are veterans of Italian dub scene, WDD has been working since 10 years and they have a lot of both vinyl releases and free, netlabel ones. Michela used to sing in well known band BR Stylers. The album consists of 10 tracks, where dub is the foundation, sometimes in a minimal style, sometimes more dark, but always with a solid bass and conscious lyrics passed by beautiful Michela’s voice. Every tune is a solid dub, but “New Slavery” can be a showcase of their style – both brilliant words and music creates amazing vibe, moving into jazz world in the dub version. In many moments this releases reminds me Ragana (http://dubmassive.org/1181/ragana-a-long-delay-ago/) and makes me sad, that they are no longer active. I wish WDD and Michele to give us more such good albums – never enough of live dub!



PS. One of their tracks can be heard on PAP017/Paproota Dub Compilation Vol. 4 – http://pl.paproota.org/?page_id=739

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Dub prosto z Włoch – Italian Dub Community vol.4

Właśnie ukazała się już 4 część składanki Italian Dub Community, można ją pobrać za darmo ze strony http://moaanbessasoundsystem.forumfree.it/?t=62191382 . Poniżej prezentujemy ciekawą tracklistę. Ps.W finale Euro Włosi przegrali ale na pocieszenie mamy mistrzowski włoski dub!!!

  1. Alambic Conspiracy – Encelado feat. Andrew I
  2. Alambic Conspiracy – Encelado Dub
  3. Dr.Dubious feat. Dadub – Astana
  4. Dr.Dubious feat. Dadub – Astana Dub
  5. Dub Sync – Ghetto Brand
  6. Dub Sync – Ghetto Brand Dub
  7. Filomuzik – U.N.I.T.Y. feat. Paco Ten & Lord Martufè
  8. Filomuzik – U.N.I.T.Y. Dub (Baker Street Riddim)
  9. Imperial Sound Army – I sure ( Maze version)
  10. Imperial Sound Army – I sure Dub
  11. Moa Anbessa – Education feat. Well Jahdgment
  12. Moa Anbessa – Education Dub
  13. Jambassa – Declaration of indipendence
  14. Jambassa – Indipendence dub (fingers mix)
  15. The Natural Dub Cluster – Movin’ Station
  16. The Natural Dub Cluster – Movin’ Dub
  17. Wicked Dub Division – Sound of a rebel feat Mr.Dill Lion Warriah
  18. Wicked Dub Division – Sound of a dub
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