O.B.F Sound System “Wild” series – 2×12”

O.B.F Sound System “Wild” series – 2×12”

OBFREC1206Attention all dubheads! OBF Sound System continues their “Wild” series and they have selected next tuff ones from their recent LP, for true havoc in dance arenas. The first vinyl contains massive, fast “Babylon” with Troy Berkley and on the flip side we get deep dub vibes in Shanti D’s “Get High”. The second one starts with YT in “Going In” and finishes with devastating steppa with Burro Banton “Leave It Alone”. All tracks come with previously unreleased dubs or versions. No further words or recommendation needed – go shopping!





PS. The tracks will be available as digital downloads in mid March.

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O.B.F – “Wild”

O.B.F – “Wild”

Cover _ OBF _ WILDWhen in the summer I heard that OBF is going to release a long play, my pressure automatically rose and till the premiere I was tremendously excited. I admire them for both their productions and live gigs.

The album named “Wild” is not OBF’s debut – they have released their productions in Dubquake Records and in their own label. Several very nice remixes have been also published (High Tone, Chinese Man). But this LP is a summary of their 15 years of sound system activity.

“Wild” contains 12 energetic tunes and anybody can find something catchy here. On the very beginning we get a tough kick in the “Dub Controller”, where the bass pierces your whole body. Charlie P is on the vocal – he feels very well on such riddims. Next we get a mighty tune “Goin In”, where YT again proves he is one of the top soundsystem scene MCs. The third tune is a big surprise by Sis I-Leen, who has already appeared on OBF productions and here, in the “Ladies Anthem”, she shows that women can manage heavyweight dubs very well. With next tune with Lone Ranger, a legendary DJ from Studio One, OBF give a tribute to digital reggae and show that they don’t close themselves in only one style. The best proof for that is crazy “Who’s Bad”, that reminds me productions from Stand High Patrol, which also surprise with their unpredictability. Troy Barkley, who usually cooperates with Fogata Sounds, has got a pretty heavy rhythm, but handles it well, with a strong lyrics about Babylon. Mr. Williamz gives a good presentation of what rub a dub is in a tune named “Poorman”. With the title “Wild” we can take a breath, feeling a hard bassline and meditative melody. It’s a good thing, because “Get High” with Shanti D is a real boom shot. Soft Shanti’s voice on a very heavy rhythm immediately takes us to a soundsystem session and we hear how the stacks barely handle the low frequencies! Next, thanks to Danman, we stay in the subject of the “green herb” and hover 30cm over the dance floor. After we get grounded by dirty voice of Burro Banton (which I love) – on Rico’s steppers it sounds even more harsh and tough. At the end we get a calm tune with Mikey General.

This album fully represents what OBF shows in their sets – an amazing rub-a-dub with digital energy and heavy, strong steppers. Of course, one could say that there are too few heavy productions and too much digital versions, but I think that O.B.F  will keep surprising us. I encourage everyone to listen to this great, energetic album!





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