Vinyl It platform compilation – “Dub Alliance”

Vinyl It platform compilation – “Dub Alliance”

duballiancecover_rvb_500x500Vinyl It is a platform where you can create your own vinyl, selecting the tracks from such great dub sources like Original Dub Gathering. But not only – just check out their site for artists or music genres.

To promote their idea and dub music they will release their first dub compilation. In collaboration with Jarring Effects, ODG Prod, Hammerbass, Sparky Riot and Yumani 8 tracks has been selected, 6 of them has never been released. We get best French dub artists – some well-known and more underground:

– from Jarring Effects – Brain Damage meets Vibronics featuring Sir Jean

– ODG Prod joins the project with three artists: Panda Dub, Mahom and a tune from melodica player Art-X featuring Ondubground

– Hammerbass brings Ackboo featuring Malone Rootikal and Fedayi Pacha’s oriental dub

– and last but not least, Vinyl It gives Sparky Riot and Yumani.

Check out the teaser:



You can order this great vinyl here:


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