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Dub Temple #80 – Digitron Sound System meets Lion’s Den // 07.05.2016 // Kraków

Dub Temple #80 – Digitron Sound System meets Lion’s Den // 07.05.2016 // Kraków

posterDigitron Sound System meets Lion’s Den on Tour!

Bałkańscy dubowi obrońcy czyli chorwacki Digitron Sound System łączy siły z berlińskimi dub aktywistami załogi Lion’s Den i wspólnie ruszają w trasę wraz ze swoim potężnym własnoręcznie zbudowanym sound systemem oraz selekcją wagi cięzkiej. W maju odwiedzą Kraków i zagrają na kolejnej 80 edycji Dub Temple!

Digitron znany jest ze swoich świetnych digital-dubowych produkcji, a swoją ścianę nagłośnienia budowali właśnie pod najcięższe dubowe numery, więc potęgi brzmienia ich sound systemu możecie być pewni. Wsparci przez niemiecką ekipę Lion’s Den zaprezentują typową sound systemową szkołę „heavyweight dub” grając dla nas całonocną seję!


Lion’s Den – fire sound all around


Digitron Sound System, pioneer dub sound outta Croatia, balkan dub defenders! Since 2007 based on members of 2 live dub bands (Radikal Dub Kolektiv and Bamwise), piled up and led with the intention of making the first Croatian sound system, in a country where there was no culture of its kind. Musicwise closest to UK sound of digital dub with influences of different musical directions, from electronic music, to more organic. Usual suspects in Croatian and European underground scene: festivals, clubs, autonomous zones etc…

Digitron runs many nights in the biggest Croatian and only alternative cultural centre, former squat called Medika. A monthly program is paired with organizing and running many dub stages on different festivals (Modem, Lost Theory, Seasplash etc…). Apart from being active as an act that has been performing all across Europe on some of the leading festivals and club nights (Fusion, Reggaebus, Hadra, Lusine etc…), Digitron also has a label called Digitron Records and is an active production force – always ruff and tuff.




LION’S DEN [Berlin / GER]

Lion’s Den is a label / a sound system force / a studio / a platform / a collective / a production and promotion force / a “political solidarity support” focused all around music currently situated inna Berlin, Germany.

The idea of di Lion’s Den was set into place by Ras Lion (GER) a few years ago and has since been developing all along the way. It’s all about connecting different people, different influences and inspiration and merging energies to make the fire burn!

Lion痴 Den is working with various vocalists, musicians and producers from all over the world to deliver finest conscious music and spread positive vibez �on a musical mission

As a sound system force dem come in with a heavy weight selection of finest conscious music… musical ambassador Ras Lion (selektah / engineer), mostly joined on lyrical duties by the multilingual MCs/singers Kali Green and konTa or guests.

A fine selection of tuff dubs and conscious lyrics combine to make the massive skank and spread positive vibez all around.


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