Dub Basement Studio

Michael Exodus // Dub-O-Matic Records – Dub Basement Studio

Michael Exodus // Dub-O-Matic Records – Dub Basement Studio

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1796737_10203319735532375_544473776_oName: Michael Exodus // Dub-O-Matic Records – DUB BASEMENT STUDIO

Description: The „Dub Basement Studio” is located in Roma, little but comfortable! In the studio I produce Roots Reggse, Dub, Steppa, also dubplates service, and I record artist like Idren Natural, Dan I, Earl 16, Dub Judah, Weeding dub…
My Label is Dub-O-Matic records, 2 x 7″ and 1 x 12″ vinyl out from 2012.
The equipment is full analog, but I use also Virtual instruments.

Mixer Desk: Fostex2440
Soundcard: Motu 828mk3 + ADA8000
FX: Troots effect Ft1 Dub Filter
BeniDub Digital Echo
Roland DC30 Echo/Chorus
V11238221_10206778772046126_3236887608510633181_oermona Spring Reverb (+ eq, vcf, vga)
Phaser pitch shifter Boss PH3
ProphecySound Pi-Phase Mu-Tron clone
Alesis Air Fx

Synth: Quasimidi Sirious Key
Quasimidi Quasar Rack
Roland MKS50 (Juno rack)
Korg Electribe EA1
Keyboards: Yamaha YPT-300
Sampler: Korg Electribe ES1
Monitor: KRK Rockit 8″ – KRK Rockit 5″ – Subwoofer 10″ Event
Control Room: Mackie Bigknob

Macbookpro – 10.8
DAW: Ableton 9 – Logic 9 – Reason 5/6

1913468_10203348976063370_382698089_oHomepage: https://www.facebook.com/dubomaticrecords

Location: Roma / Italy

Contact: dubomaticrecords@gmail.com

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