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[Review] „Dub Revolution” series – Indica Dubs meets Forward Fever, Crucial Alphonso, Echo Vault

[Review] „Dub Revolution” series – Indica Dubs meets Forward Fever, Crucial Alphonso, Echo Vault

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IMG_9039The next triple 7” set from Indica Dubs was inspired by Belgium „Dub Revolution” event, where he performed in November 2015. Sukh invited three talented producers from this growing scene. Forward Fever has already co-operated with him on previous releases, here they prepared a mystical and monumental instrumental dub „Jah Lead Us” with old-school sounds of strings and horns. „Oluwa” with Crucial Alphonso is a massive, rolling steppers with a strong, main theme. The last one – „Judgement Dub” with Echo Vault is the fastest one, also in a heavyweight style. The nice things is that all three 7” are different but have a common mood – mystical, deep and heavy dub, where melodies are built mainly with horns and strings sounds.

Tuff vibes, highly recommended for all dubheads!

Release info:

Release ID: ISS038-40

Format: 7” / Digital

Label: Indica Dubs

Release date: June 2016



At the record shops from:
Part 1: 24th June
Part 2: 13th July
Part 3: 29th July


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Nowe wydawnictwa od Indica Dubs

Nowe wydawnictwa od Indica Dubs

Indica Dubs prezentuje dużo nowości. Na początek, 10” z soundsystemowym bangerem z Dan Manem na wokalu i muzyką skomponowaną przez Indica Dubs i belgijskiego producenta Forward Fever.

Następne wydawnictwo to cała seria, czyste instrumentale do soundsystemowego doświadczasnia muzyki. Cztery 7” winyle, każda w kooperacji z producentami z różnych krajów – dostajemy Shiloh Ites, Echo Vault, Echo Roots & Dawa Hi-Fi. Cztery style, od głęboko medytacyjnego do steppersowego szaleństwa.

Wydawnictwa moża zamawiać na profilu Indica Dubs na bandcampie:, 10” z Dan Mane jest dostępna także w sklepach a „Sound System Series” będzie tam od Kwietnia/Maja.



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