[Review] Dub Invaders vol. 3 – Part 3 (Jarring Effects)

[Review] Dub Invaders vol. 3 – Part 3 (Jarring Effects)

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Adobe Photoshop PDFDub Invaders strike with the part 3 of their 3rd release series. And they strikes literally with the help of cosmic guns and lasers. The A side is something like „Scientist meets The Space Invaders” on steroids – ruff&tuff heavy digital steppea combined made by Natural High Dubs with mild vocals of Shanti D is kicking us outerspace. 100% of heavyweight stuff!

On the flip side we get also deep dub and the dangerous atmosphere created by Fabassstone perfectly suits with beautiful Earl’s 16 vocal and lyrics about global warming.

The release is available in good record shops now.

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