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[Review] Dub Invaders vol. 3 part 2 (Jarring Efects)

[Review] Dub Invaders vol. 3 part 2 (Jarring Efects)

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Dub-Invaders-photoIn March we were writing about the first part of the 3rd release (http://dubmassive.org/en/12317/dub-invaders-vol-3-part-1-aku-fen-feat-omar-perry-twelve-feat-doubla-j) from French crew Dub Invaders; now the time for the part 2 has come! Dub Invaders consist of members of High Tone band – if this name is familiar to you, then you know that their music has no borders and limits. With the trademark of a musical vision fueled by endless creativity, you never knows what sounds will reach your ears and test your speakers.

Keeping in mind the above, I will not try define the genre of „Boom Sound” by Roots’N Future Hi-Fi with Isiah Mentor on the vocals. This tune is 100%, totally, completely and maximally MAD. Sharp synths will drill your ears, digital flavour rhythm will start your body bouncing, steppa drums and wild basslines will try to crush the walls in your room, while Isiah’s vocals will increase your desire to teleport immediately into the epicentre of a soundsystem session.

On the B side we get Troy Berkley (Fogata Sounds, OBF, L’Entourloop) on the vocals and the riddim made by Led Piperz. He’s easily switching between rapping and singing, as the riddim changes – really lots of things happen in this electro-style dub. The same is with the second track on this side, where Hatboy Harry flows on a pounding electronic riddim.

Dub Invaders knocked me out with their music once again but please – don’t stop doing this.


Release info:

Format: 12” / Digital

Label: Jarring Effects

Release date: 24.06.2016



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