[Review] Marina P/KSD/Stand High Patrol/TWM/Homeys – „Something New EP” (Homeys Records)

[Review] Marina P/KSD/Stand High Patrol/TWM/Homeys – „Something New EP” (Homeys Records)

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Homeys Records has recently released absolutely stunning EP. The main theme is the beautiful voice od Italian singer Marina P and a bassy, minimalistic riddim made by French producer KSD. The original vocal version and the riddim open this EP and settle a delightful mood which accompanies us through the rest of this release. After them we dive into sophisticated steppers version by TWM the atmosphere is not lost. The B-side brings next, absolutely great remixes – jazzy version by Stand High Patrol and two rootical style versions by Homeys with a flute part.

A subtle and gentle work of great artists – congratulations to all! I’m totally charmed with this EP since very first listening.






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