[Release Info] „Level De Vibes” – D’Nations (Jamwax)

[Release Info] „Level De Vibes” – D’Nations (Jamwax)

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Attention all digital lovers! A big reissue at Jamwax label, „Level De Vibes” by D’Nations from 1989 now comes also as a 12” maxi single. A massive, dynamic bassline, lovers lyrics and rootical flavour inside!

The story behind is interesting and includes the participation of The Meditations:

„It was July 26th 1979, following a meeting with the group The Meditations back in 1979 in the Madison Square Garden area, Kingston Jamaica, Dervin Dawes and Donald Marshall paid close attention and exchanged ideas in turn learning much more from an already established group with their hit song ‘Woman Is Like A Shadow’. Ansel Cridland (The Meditations) brought some more talent to the D’Nations by suggesting to meet and talk with Anthony Hill who can sing very well. The Meditations would show The D’Nations good lead vocals and having harmony in sync together in order to develop a better sound for the determined trio.

Channel 1 Records Studio on Maxfield Avenue, West Kingston Jamaica ; in that era was the top of the line and one of the most prestigious recording studios. There, The D’Nations met and impressed the producer Bunny Hylton from London England who was residing in Jamaica at the time. He provided them with studio time enough to produce the first two songs from the trio « See Me In The Park » and « I Am Not Good At Proposing », released in England in late 1979.

In 1989, after good vibes with the most famous backing-band at this time 'Fire House Crew’, The D’Nations composed with them 'Vibes Version’ at Music Works studio and then move to Creative Sound Studio on Mountain View Avenue to record the vocal.”

JAMWAXMAXI04-ARelease info:

Release ID: JAMWAX MAXI 04

Format: 12”

Label: Jamwax

Release date: April 29th 2016


A1/ D’Nations – Level De Vibes
B1/ D’Nations & Fire House Crew – Vibes Version

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