[Review] „Homage To The King” – King Yoof (Moonshine Recordings)

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MSLP005Attention all classic dub lovers! The next LP from Moonshing Recordings brings us a delightful dose of old-school dubbing style and sounds. English producer King Yoof has worked on it for years and the time spent on polishing these tunes can be easily heard. The sound is amazing – warm, with vibrant basslines, mild drums, like taken straight out of Jamaican studio in the 1970s. But the best thing for me is the style of dubbing – all these delays, reverbs, flangers, lo-fi processing especially in the higher frequencies – they create absolutely stunning dub soundscape. Excellent arrangements with attention to dubwise parts complement the overall perception of this album.

„Homage To The King” is a time machine to the golden era of classic, Jamaican dub. If you love King Tubby, Scientist and other masters of dub, then you’ll love it from the very first sounds. I am completely under the spell of its old-school charm.


Release info:

Release ID: MSLP005
Release-date: 10th of June 2016
Format: 12” vinyl & digital
Label: Moonshine Recordings
1. King Yoof – Rum On Ice ft. I-Lodica
2. King Yoof – Bushwacka Dub
3. King Yoof – Barter Town ft. Raggs
4. King Yoof – A New Dawn A New Dub ft. Raggs
5. King Yoof – Lion Sleeps No More ft. Earl 16 & MC Spee
6. King Yoof – Welcome To Bandit Country
7. King Yoof – Homage To The King
8. King Yoof – King Sleng
9. King Yoof – Dinkys Dub



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