[Review] Longfingah – „Urban Mystic” (GuerillJah Productions)

[Review] Longfingah – „Urban Mystic” (GuerillJah Productions)

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„Urban Mystic” is the 4th album of German MC Longfingah. The first sneak that this is the album of a singer is the list of the producers on the cover. The variety of artists (Zion Train, Adubta, Habesha, Dreadsquad to name just a few), who prepared the riddims, would also suggest that the MC is not scared to deal with any style connected to reggae music and you know this from the very first minutes of this album. Longfingah easily flows or chants on every riddim and he’s not losing his characteristic feature of his voice. Speaking of riddims, they are the big advantage of this LP – modern, urban styles, ranging from very nice raggamuffin or digital vibes to heavy bass and steppa bangers. The album is not embedded in one style but everything is connected through energetic, good vibe. Very enjoyable, both vocally and musically!



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[Recenzja] Brain Damage – „Talk the talk” (Jarring Effects)

[Recenzja] Brain Damage – „Talk the talk” (Jarring Effects)

Po długogrającym albumie „Walk The Walk” (http://dubmassive.org/en/11781/brain-damage-walk-the-walk) przyszedł czas na dub wersję albumu. Cały pomysł Brain Damage dotyczyący tego wydawnictwa i współpracy z legendarnymi wokalistami z Jamajki to większa akcja – oprócz muzyki mamy też filmy: http://dubmassive.org/en/12959/walk-walk-webserie-brain-damage-wasaru/, a przedstawiana tu płyta to postawienie kropki nad „i”  oraz genialne uzupełnienie tej niezwykłej historii.

Muzyka na albumie to esencja kontemplacyjnego dubu – echa, reverby i dużo swoistego dub poetry, bo warstwa wokalna to wypowiedzi artystów wkomponowane w muzykę. Wszystko to Martin przygotował w legendarnym, jamajskim studiu Harry J. Co ciekawe jak sam pisze – paradoksalnie będąc jakąś ikoną francuskiego dubu, występując tyle lat na scenie, nagrywając setki kawałków, to ten album jest jego  pierwszym prawdziwym albumem dub.

Wspaniały, nastrojowy album do uważnego słuchania.



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[Review] Scotch Bonnet Records Presents

[Review] Scotch Bonnet Records Presents

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Always active Mungo’s Hi-Fi has recently released a lot of good stuff. Starting from a new Scrub a Dub 7” we’re diving into dubstep area. Von D presents a deep and mystical tune with crucial words about analog vs digital sound [holy words for all purists ;)] perfectly mixed into the track. On the flip side we have Egoless with a ruff beat. A heavy&dark release, for true sub frequencies lovers.


Next 7” brings a modern, punchy, bass style ragga from Danny T & Tradesman and Parly B.


The last 7” is a wonderful, vintage relick of 1988 production by Naturally „Sunny Gets Blue”. Made by Stalawa and released in this French producer’s own label Foreign Mind, the track comes with great vocals by London MC Dark Angel.

This 7” is distributed by Scotch Bonnet Records.


Last but not least – a full length album, a compilation of various artists that have influenced Mungo’s Hi-Fi. Some tracks released, some dubplates, some new ones – but all highly energetic and full of vibe. If you love all kind of reggae flavors and how this music impacts modern producers, then you will love this album – from an excellent „Das Model” dub by Prince Fatty, trough rub-a-dub and old-school vibes like Stalawa’s „Buss Shot” and Naram’s „Golden Rule”, ending on murderous versions („Dub Controller”!) and heavy pumping riddims like „Dub Invasion”. This is highly powerful stuff with energizing effect proven – I usually listen to LPs during long running and I ran almost 30 minutes extra just rewinding some tunes again and again…

Check http://scotchbonnet.net/shop

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[Release info] Resonators – „Imaginary People” (Wah Wah 45s)

[Release info] Resonators – „Imaginary People” (Wah Wah 45s)

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The new album by Resonators is out today. Sweet mix of roots reggae, dub and soul results in a absolutely enjoyable listening experience. Fat drum&bass sections, beautiful melodies and extraordinary vocals – seems like in this 8-piece, modern reggae band everyone just does his/her work in masterful way.

Yo can get the album here:

iTunes – http://bit.ly/ResIPiTUn
Amazon – http://amzn.to/2cFh3b0
Follow Resonators on Spotify – http://bit.ly/SpotFolRes

or support vinyl and get this one

Vinyl direct – http://bit.ly/ResIPLP




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[Review] Zion Train – „Versions” LP (Univeral Egg)

[Review] Zion Train – „Versions” LP (Univeral Egg)

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promocoverThe latest album by Zion Train is a fully remix-style LP, delivering a lot of big names from dub world and huge amount of ideas how to squeeze Neil’s compositions to obtain fresh, tasty, musical juice. They are really a solid base for further creative processing, as the original tracks have Zion Train’s trademark – excellent sound, arrangement, instruments, vocals.

On the album we get a lot of artists, from dub to drum&bass and plenty of musical visions. Vibronics’ opening track is my favorite – a beautiful, violin part flowing on a monstrous bassline sounds amazing. All fans of pounding steppa style will love versions created by Bungalo, NDC or Numa. Dubmatix’s version of „State of Mind” is also one of my favorites – a bouncy riddim with electronic sounds and parts of horns. Radikal Guru took „Share The Flame” with Jazzmine Tutum, making a moody and powerful dubstep-flavoured tune. Krak In Dub accelerated „Rainbow Children” making this positive tune even more dancefloor ready but next artists adds yet more fire – Jinx in Dub, Slamboree, Fleck and Dub FX take Zion Train’s to fast drum&bass area.

I’m always extremely curious about Neil’s new albums and musical ideas he is bringing on them, but I’m glad that this one is not a mix of new Zion Train’s tunes and remixes. Instead, we get a powerful LP, fully concentrated on variations of tracks we know and like – listening pleasure doubled.




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Easy Star All-Stars „Radiodread” re-issue

Easy Star All-Stars „Radiodread” re-issue

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ES-3010_cvr_Lo-ResGood information coming from Easy Star Records!



From its inception, Easy Star Records have paved the way for progressive reggae to reach a broader audience.  Their first reggae tribute album, Dub Side of The Moon, a reggae reimagining of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, was a breakthrough success that established Easy Star Records, the Easy Star All-Stars, and producer Michael Goldwasser at the forefront of modern reggae music.  Two years later, they followed it up with Radiodread (2006), a revision of Radiohead’s OK Computer, which earned acclaim from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, LA Times, and the ultimate endorsement from Radiohead front man Thom Yorke himself.  On the album’s 10-Year Anniversary, Easy Star Records is offering a Special Edition release of Radiodread set for release on August 12, 2016.  The album features a bonus track, “High and Dry” from Radiohead’s The Bends, performed by GRAMMY-winners Morgan Heritage.  Pre-order the album here http://easystarallstars.net/.

Radiodread features an impressive array of reggae stars supplying vocals to the Easy Star All- Stars’ backing tracks. Reggae pioneers Toots and the Maytals made their Easy Star debut, singing a driving version of “Let Down” while Citizen Cope’s distinctive voice fuels the haunting “Karma Police.” Horace Andy (“Airbag”), Morgan Heritage (“Electioneering”), The Meditations (“No Surprises”), Israel Vibration (“The Tourist”), Sugar Minott (“Exit Music (For A Film)”), and Frankie Paul (“Lucky”) also joined the Easy Star All-Stars for Radiodread, which Pitchfork called, “…an entertaining project that…rises above.”

Even after ten years, Radiodread sounds fresh and relevant.  COO and co-founder Lem Oppenheimer enthusiastically states, “I think the album still resonates because it’s so damn good and [producer] Michael [Goldwasser] did an amazing job on the arrangements, especially considering how tricky the record is with time signatures. We got some really great guest vocal performances, too – Toots, Citizen Cope and Frankie Paul to name a few. It was great to turn on a lot of reggae fans to this great album by Radiohead and then to turn on plenty of Radiohead fans to reggae.”  The choice to cover Radiohead after Pink Floyd didn’t seem like the logical next move for Easy Star, but that’s what makes them continue to push the envelope.  CEO and co-founder Eric Smith elaborates, “One of the main reasons we went with OK Computer is that we wanted to avoid going with the more expected choice, like another Pink Floyd album or another mega classic rock album.”  He adds, “Reggae has always tackled dark subject matter, but manages to do it in a way that still conveys hope at the bleakest moments. Radiohead’s approach is similar.”

Easy Star All-Stars plans to work on another tribute album in 2017, but details for the project are still in their early phase.  In the meantime, you can catch the band fresh off their UK and European tour with U.S. dates starting in August throughout the Fall consisting of Radiodreadheavy sets.”


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[Review] „Homage To The King” – King Yoof (Moonshine Recordings)

[Review] „Homage To The King” – King Yoof (Moonshine Recordings)

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MSLP005Attention all classic dub lovers! The next LP from Moonshing Recordings brings us a delightful dose of old-school dubbing style and sounds. English producer King Yoof has worked on it for years and the time spent on polishing these tunes can be easily heard. The sound is amazing – warm, with vibrant basslines, mild drums, like taken straight out of Jamaican studio in the 1970s. But the best thing for me is the style of dubbing – all these delays, reverbs, flangers, lo-fi processing especially in the higher frequencies – they create absolutely stunning dub soundscape. Excellent arrangements with attention to dubwise parts complement the overall perception of this album.

„Homage To The King” is a time machine to the golden era of classic, Jamaican dub. If you love King Tubby, Scientist and other masters of dub, then you’ll love it from the very first sounds. I am completely under the spell of its old-school charm.


Release info:

Release ID: MSLP005
Release-date: 10th of June 2016
Format: 12” vinyl & digital
Label: Moonshine Recordings
1. King Yoof – Rum On Ice ft. I-Lodica
2. King Yoof – Bushwacka Dub
3. King Yoof – Barter Town ft. Raggs
4. King Yoof – A New Dawn A New Dub ft. Raggs
5. King Yoof – Lion Sleeps No More ft. Earl 16 & MC Spee
6. King Yoof – Welcome To Bandit Country
7. King Yoof – Homage To The King
8. King Yoof – King Sleng
9. King Yoof – Dinkys Dub



All good record shops


Facebook: http://bit.ly/kingyoof-fb
Twitter: http://bit.ly/kingyoof-twtr
SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/kingyoof-sc

Facebook: http://bit.ly/moonshinerecs-fb
Twitter: http://bit.ly/moonshinerecs-twtr
SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/moonshinerecs-sc

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