Zion Train – “Just Say Who” EP

Eggy033_labelsThis is the 3rd release promoting Zion Train’s album (http://dubmassive.org/10178/zion-train-land-of-the-blind-lp), which has been awaited by many fans because of legendary Horace Andy’s participation. “Just Say Who” EP consists of 4 tracks, 3 of them are tunes that has not been  included on “Land Of The Blind” album. Rasta warrior Fitta Warri begins this release with strong message and he feels very well on Perch’s riddims. Next is Longfingah, who proves how versatile vocalist he is. And the icing on the cake – remix of “Just Say Who”, where Italians from Almamegretta meet Horace. His voice was praised many times, I can only add that we get an excellent, beautiful tune from 2 legends. I can only imagine how great it would be to have full album with such voice and such dubs…