A double strike from Reggae Roast

RR024_-_ArtworkYou know Reggae Roast from our reviews very well (http://dubmassive.org/en/search/reggae+roast). This time we are presenting two releases from this very active crew.

“Flava” EP with Brother Culture is a natural consequence after their very well acclaimed tune “Soundsystem”, which has been powering many soundsystem sessions. Here we get 5 strong tracks, where digital is mixed with heavier, dub-style parts and Brother Culture another times proves his skills as one of the best soundsystem vocalist.


The second release is a 7” bomb with Kenny Knots and Conscious Sounds. They have renewed a classic, killer tune from the 80s “Watch How The People Dancing“, which was recorded for Unity Sounds.

In this version the tempo was fastened and based on a theme from another hit from hip-hop world – Dr Dre “Next Episode”. But don’t worry, Dougie Counscious have done his work very well by adding dub style into the riddim. The best term to describe this production is probably “heavyweight digital”. A killa tune without a doubt!