[Review] Radikal Guru “Stay Calm” ft. YT (Mungo’s Hi-Fi remix) / “Earthwalker” (Sekkleman remix) – Moonshine Recordings

MS024DI’m very glad, that Sekkleman is appearing in Moonshine Recordings again! The release number 24 from this label contains two remixes of Radikal Guru’s tracks and Australian producer took “Earthwalker” on. His version is a dark, powerful steppers with a trance-like bassline and drums, flute melody and a lot of atmospheric sounds. It is very gloomy, meditative and so massive at the same time, just perfect for for a meditation under the wall of 18” subs.

Mungo’s Hi-Fi remixed “Stay Calm” with YT vocals, basing the tune on the part of bass and – primarily – on drums beating out the rhythm like a slow heartbeat. Some melodies of leads and synths are showing gently through the strong vocal of YT. There’s no need to say more, just excellent remixes.



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