[Review] “War Inna Babylone” / “Skank It Up” – Ras Mykha / K-Sänn Dub (Patate Records)

12417527_547960112052004_6344569702343068864_nThis new 10” release coming from Belleville International Dubplate Special series won’t have mercy for your legs at a dance or for your speakers at home. A massive electro-dub riddim in “War Inna Babylone”,  prepared by K-Sänn Dub,  runs madly with perfectly suited, dynamic flow and singing by Ras Mykha. The next tune won’t slower you down also. “Skank’ It”, as the name suggest, will transfer you (both lyrically and musically) to an energetic soundsystem dance.

Release info:

Format: 10”

Label: Patate Records

Release date: June 1st, 2016



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