Dub Club #4 (Warsaw) – report

dc4_netpromoA little bit late, but I couldn’t skip this report – after a long break Dub Club came back to Warsaw in a very good style.

Club is placed in area with good transport, close to the metro. It’s in underground – I’ve been surprised that in this neighbourhood full of plastic girls and trendy party boys any club consented to host a soundsystem party. The place itself were pretty cool – well arranged space with a bar (and nice crew) on both sides. With a small number of people in the room the ceiling resonated a little, but when more of them came it was fine. By the way – in my opinion attendance wasn’t bad, keep it up! The exposed Roots Revival sounding equipment (as far as I remember there were 2 sets of 3 scopes with the other stuff) was completely enough to fill the space with a solid, ear-friendly sound and gut-rocking bass.

Roots Melody along with Mc Liper warmed up the massive, after them Jah Love rolled in with heavy dubwise sounds. Jaszol from Roots Revival were next, slowing the tempo down. It was closer and closer to the act of the special guest – Blackboard Jungle. All the time new African Simba – “it’s in the music, we put that message in the music” tune presented by Roots Revival were playing deep in my head. Then the time has come for the French guests. They have shown a decent selection of dubplates and their own productions. But, what fascinated me the most – they were able to build a fantastic vibe. From tune to tune there were more of good vibrations, naturally and without any haste.

That’s all in this short summary – Mungos Hi-Fi will be a guest on the next Dub Club. I had a chance to see them on United Nations of Dub Weekender – it will be awesome, don’t miss it…


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