Dub Dynasty (Alpha Steppa/Alpha&Omega) – dub senses&dubmassive.org b-day


Dub Dynasty (UK) / dub senses&dubmassive.org b-day


When: 31.05.2013

Where: Alchemia / Estery 5, Cracow

Start: 21:00

Tax: 20 PLN, tickets available only on the party’s day

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/284514891682595/


Union of the force of two dub medias invite you to a big musical feast. Nobody will leave it hungry!

On the occasion of birthday of dub senses music programme and web portal dubmassive.org you will be able to witness performance of an extraordinary project.

Every dubhead on the path of his musical exploration probably have heard of Alpha&Omega duet. Each of the modern producers lovers arguably recognises one of the best representants of the younger generation – Alpha Steppa.

As a result of conjunction of those two dub giants Dub Dynasty project has set off at the end of 2012. The released record (Alpha Steppa And Alpa & Omega Present: The Unrelenting Force of: Dub Dynasty) got a lot of appreciation and positive comments. Dub Dynasty has forged the noise and interest resulting from the names taking part in it into acclaim and respect of the fans.



☆☆ “Enough bass to outweigh any dubstep set” ☆☆

?? “Global, rootical power” ☆☆

☆☆ “Obliteratingly Heavy Bass” ☆☆

☆☆ “Not for laptop speakers” ☆☆


It’s not everything though. Besides of Ben and Christine we invited a strong local support. Therefore, following people will be dropping the needles:

Gregory P




Jah Flea&Jah Dave (Fly Hi Sound)



Yarecki&Bedi / Robbie Culture pon da mic

E. Hox


It’s not the end of surprises yet. Those great guests require a proper sounding equipment, the best from the best: DUBSEED SOUNDSYSTEM!

Come and celebrate with us!

☆☆ DUB SENSES & DUBMASSIVE.ORG – massive senses in dub! ☆☆



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