Dub dynasty

Dub Dynasty – “Holy Cow”

Dub Dynasty – “Holy Cow”

Holy-Cow-Album-ArtDub Dynasty, combined forces of Alpha Steppa and Alpha&Omega, returns with the third album full of music – on their double LP  we have 16 tracks and digital versions contain bonuses. What can we expect from the dub family this time?

Let’s start from guests, because there is a lot of them. We have Cologne, who fits in with solid riddims very well, but we’ve already heard this on “Rooted & Grounded”; we have Steppas Records veteran Ras Tinny. Woman voices are represented by Kiangana and Sista Jane Warriah. The list is finished by Iyano Iyanti and Violinbwoy.

Musically we get what’s best from Alpha&Omega and Alpha Steppa. Hypnotic, tribal riddims, many times filled with etno-style elements and dub magic – just listen to “I Am Dub”. Tunes with women vocals are fantastic – firstly we hear beautiful, slow and heavy anthem “Material Things” and next comes fast, dark “Oh Father” with Kiangana – if you like the style of Alpha&Omega’s tracks like “Rastafari”, you will be satisfied. By the way the second one with Kiangana is in the same mood and the result of slow singing based on a massive and fast bassline is great; a similar thing is with melody played by Violinbwoy in “The Orchard”. In the middle of LP we hit my favourite, dub massacre called “Rig Veda”, which I guess is the best combination of two styles sitting in the heads of this album’s authors. Below this track in a dubplate version played by Iration Steppas:

Cologne has taken my liking on “Rooted & Grounded”, here again he sounds excellent on steppers riddims perfectly suited for a soundsystem session; the same thing is with tunes with Ras Tinny.

Epic moment with Blackboard Jungle & Little Omara skanking on the stage!!! International Dub Gathering is a must!!!

Opublikowany przez Dub Academy na 30 marca 2016

The basslines traditionally performs a massage of listener’s guts during loud listening, but what has entranced me the most is diversity, glued with this dark, mythical, hypnotic aura.  Like from a magical forest, full of elves with their fabulous instruments and suspicious mushrooms, letting you connect with spirits…Besides, in many tunes we hear twittering birds – check “Footsteps” or “Holy Cow”. And if we’re talking about this title track, a cow story – the title sanctifying these animals can be understood in many ways; the cow was and is an object of worship in a lot of religions. In the context of civilisation she can be our warning, how negative impact on the environment we make by factory farming and how human beings could sink to such depths, if we look to cruel practices of this procedure – “gentle” details of animal treatment you can find on Compassion In World Farming.

To summarize – Dub Dynasty feels very well, is close to nature and still works on mastership in dub and wizardry.




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Moonshine Steppas – “Inna Zion”

Moonshine Steppas – “Inna Zion”

mss003_frontIt’s been 4 years since the last Moonshine Steppas’ big release with top-a-top artists (http://dubmassive.org/4161/dubowa-kolaboracja-moonshine-steppas). But the joined forces of  Moonshine Recordings and Steppas Records returns with another great release. We get the track “Inna Zion”, created by Vibration Lab with roots legend Linval Thompson, in several different flavours. The concept is quite interesting – each artist first presents a dub version and the a remix. The original one is a nice and moody reggae tune, stressed mainly in the middle part – melodic key chords guide us the whole time. Then Dub Dynasty shifts it into a hypnotizing, earthshaking steppers in their unique and recognisable style. On the B side the musical journey begins with RSD, who turns into more raw drum&bass vibe with massive horns snippets. Finally Jstar presents heavy digital vibes inna dubstep flavour with nice synth part.

I guess I don’t have to mention about low frequencies – you know what to expect from these artists and you can turn up the subwoofers before listening.





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Steppas Records – “Monsoon Come/Contraception”

Steppas Records – “Monsoon Come/Contraception”

AS1215-Art-(A)After having some troubles with neighbours Steppas Studio gives us next 12” with the retake of thundering “Monsoon Come”. The track remixed by Cranky General & Dutty Hands now get an excellent, rootical flavour a with a magic melodica flowing through the riddim. Previously played as a dubplate, now is available for everyone.

On the B side we have a powerful track by Zentash Gigawatt, known from the previous Trigram release. A deep and tribal riddim carries serious, responsible message from Ras Tinny about contraception and his voice perfectly matches this vibe. This is the second release with Zentash in Steppas Records and I’m definitely waiting for more!




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Dub Dynasty – “Thundering Mantis” (LP)

Dub Dynasty – “Thundering Mantis” (LP)

ASLP002-FRONT-800-562x562Dub Dynasty aka Alpha & Omega Meets Alpha Steppa return. After their debut album label Steppas Records was very active and gave us several nice singles, played on dancefloors all over the world. Finally the time for a LP has come!

“Thundering Mantis” is in some aspects similar to the first album “Unrelenting Force”. Once again we got powerful voices: warrior Ngoni, Ras Tinny, Wellette Seyon, Ciann Finn, Prince David and spiritual guru Mooji. Also we have instrumental tunes and dub versions of vocal ones. But for me this album is much more mature than the first one. In my opinion “Unrelenting Force” is more for lovers of raw “four-to-the-floor” beats. “Thundering Mantis” has something more – from meditative Wellette’s singing to awesome Don Fe’s instrumentals, from steady Mooji’s narration to the strong Ngoni’s message. From a smooth chant (“Blessed Ithiopia”) through african-style beats (“Ever Powering Medicine”), earthshaking “Thundering Mantis” to amazing, uplifting “Blessings” with Cian Finn (my favourite one!). Tracks have a lot of beautiful musical, well arranged parts – horns, melodicas, drums. I do not have to mention about low frequencies. This is the best thing – this album’s diversity is connected by unique, powerful Dub Dynasty’s style. You can still get hypnotized by 4×4 loops and dub space created by echoes and reverbs.

Dub Dynasty return and they are in excellent shape, like on some musical steroids. I hope that they have a good supply of them for next releases.



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Alpha Steppa – Tricast01

Alpha Steppa – Tricast01


Alpha Steppa, besides releasing other artists, isn’t idle and he gives us a mix of tracks that weren’t published before and ones that will be released on miscellaneous mediums soon. That mix contains some tough dubstep tunes served in a way that you listen to it with a flush, waiting for every next track. The first release is J-Path, and the album will be reviewed on our page (project Trigram is coming…) Are compilations like this one are a new way to present tracks that are going to be released in the future? If so, I am happy about that and I’m wating for more alike stuff.

By the way, we have to brag that Alpha Steppa published his recent tune, which is on the mix, as a video clip and the dubmassive.org and dub senses birthday party that took place in Cracow is a background to it! (material has been recorded by Meet Steem).

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DUB DYNASTY – video raport z urodzin dub senses i dubmassive.org

DUB DYNASTY – video raport z urodzin dub senses i dubmassive.org

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Relacja video ze wspólnych urodzin dub senses i dubmassive.org w krakowskiej Alchemii – gościem specjalnym było Dub Dynasty!

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Dub Dynasty (Alpha Steppa/Alpha&Omega) – dub senses&dubmassive.org b-day

Dub Dynasty (Alpha Steppa/Alpha&Omega) – dub senses&dubmassive.org b-day


Dub Dynasty (UK) / dub senses&dubmassive.org b-day


When: 31.05.2013

Where: Alchemia / Estery 5, Cracow

Start: 21:00

Tax: 20 PLN, tickets available only on the party’s day

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/284514891682595/


Union of the force of two dub medias invite you to a big musical feast. Nobody will leave it hungry!

On the occasion of birthday of dub senses music programme and web portal dubmassive.org you will be able to witness performance of an extraordinary project.

Every dubhead on the path of his musical exploration probably have heard of Alpha&Omega duet. Each of the modern producers lovers arguably recognises one of the best representants of the younger generation – Alpha Steppa.

As a result of conjunction of those two dub giants Dub Dynasty project has set off at the end of 2012. The released record (Alpha Steppa And Alpa & Omega Present: The Unrelenting Force of: Dub Dynasty) got a lot of appreciation and positive comments. Dub Dynasty has forged the noise and interest resulting from the names taking part in it into acclaim and respect of the fans.



☆☆ “Enough bass to outweigh any dubstep set” ☆☆

?? “Global, rootical power” ☆☆

☆☆ “Obliteratingly Heavy Bass” ☆☆

☆☆ “Not for laptop speakers” ☆☆


It’s not everything though. Besides of Ben and Christine we invited a strong local support. Therefore, following people will be dropping the needles:

Gregory P




Jah Flea&Jah Dave (Fly Hi Sound)



Yarecki&Bedi / Robbie Culture pon da mic

E. Hox


It’s not the end of surprises yet. Those great guests require a proper sounding equipment, the best from the best: DUBSEED SOUNDSYSTEM!

Come and celebrate with us!

☆☆ DUB SENSES & DUBMASSIVE.ORG – massive senses in dub! ☆☆



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