Dub Dynasty – “Thundering Mantis” (LP)

ASLP002-FRONT-800-562x562Dub Dynasty aka Alpha & Omega Meets Alpha Steppa return. After their debut album label Steppas Records was very active and gave us several nice singles, played on dancefloors all over the world. Finally the time for a LP has come!

“Thundering Mantis” is in some aspects similar to the first album “Unrelenting Force”. Once again we got powerful voices: warrior Ngoni, Ras Tinny, Wellette Seyon, Ciann Finn, Prince David and spiritual guru Mooji. Also we have instrumental tunes and dub versions of vocal ones. But for me this album is much more mature than the first one. In my opinion “Unrelenting Force” is more for lovers of raw “four-to-the-floor” beats. “Thundering Mantis” has something more – from meditative Wellette’s singing to awesome Don Fe’s instrumentals, from steady Mooji’s narration to the strong Ngoni’s message. From a smooth chant (“Blessed Ithiopia”) through african-style beats (“Ever Powering Medicine”), earthshaking “Thundering Mantis” to amazing, uplifting “Blessings” with Cian Finn (my favourite one!). Tracks have a lot of beautiful musical, well arranged parts – horns, melodicas, drums. I do not have to mention about low frequencies. This is the best thing – this album’s diversity is connected by unique, powerful Dub Dynasty’s style. You can still get hypnotized by 4×4 loops and dub space created by echoes and reverbs.

Dub Dynasty return and they are in excellent shape, like on some musical steroids. I hope that they have a good supply of them for next releases.



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