Mungos Hi Fi & Soom T – “Listening Bug”


That’s right – for the next time that duet wants conquest the dance floors. Mungos Hi Fi team up with Soom T again – the Scots are responsible for cosmic sounds in their own reggae-dubstep mixture style and Soom T extols the whole thing with her chatting. The EP contains 4 tracks, the eponymous “Listening Bug” is a dark, electronic beat with a mighty bass and Soom T’s toasting that could be listened without an end. The next track with sample of Eek A Mouse introduces to a very good musical mood. The last two tracks “War song” and “Run fool” are already classics, well known to people familiar with their creations. To sum up – a bomb for the summer!!!

By the way, it’s worth to mention that Dreadsquad has been released on a 7″ by Mungos Hi Fi label. It’s a tune that had to be a response to a Skirlexx & Damian Marley “Make It Bun Dem” remix contest. The version available at the vinyl contains Everton Chamber’s vocals. Big up and low bows to Marek!!!