Marina P – “My homeys” (LP)

My Homeys FrontThere isn’t too many women in the dub-reggae world, but if there are any they sing outstandingly and cooperate with the best producers. One of them is Marina, who has just released her second solo album. She is the second woman after Soom T to spread her wings thanks to Mungos HiFi. Marina started her career in Italy and then moved to Paris and finally met guys from Scotland and recorded “Divorce a l’italienne”, one of hits often hearable from soundsystem stacks. It took her 5 years to record the album, which is produced by such reggae-dub aces like Mungo’s HiFi, Stand High Patrol, Jahtari, DJ Madd, ODG, Stepart or Soul Vybz. Marina P has a beautiful, soulish voice, but you can also hear a characteristic “claw” in it. She can sing softly, but as well she can flow on dubstep or ragamuffin riddim. This album isn’t too consistent – variety of the producers made it diversified – but it shows the versatility of the talented vocalist.