Ras Mykha – Mighty Jahovia (10″)

936628_788665244493560_2052365783_nOn 15th of December another 10” by Roots Ista Posse and Cry in Soul Record has been released. The guests are Ras Mykha (vocals) and Shaky Norman (melodica). The French should be already known to public at large, we have mentioned their previous release too http://dubmassive.org/5561/wieza-kontrolna-nadaje/ This time we again have a strong tune with very good lyrics by Ras Mykha, who praises the lord. Musically it’s a solid steppers, pulsating and turning the listener into a meditative state. There also is a version containing Shaky Norman’s melodica, which makes that state even deeper. Besides, we have a dub version by Roots Ista Posse, which impresses a lot – melody that pierces the whole version makes you want to listen to it all the time. Additionally there is a version for vocalists.  That production presents very high level and confirms my belief (and probably not only mine) that French dub scene is the best in the world (not to unappreciated other scenes – i.e. the British one), this is the place where the most things happen and, what’s most important, they still have fresh approach to dub music.