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Belgium Dub Family presents 1212 for Africa

Belgium Dub Family presents 1212 for Africa

This support project has gathered a lot of artists from Belgium including these well-known as Mad Codiouf, Forward Fever or Crucial Alphonso but also talented, not yet so recognizable names. But the most important thing behind this music is helping, so please buy it if you like it, read more about 12-12 or just get involved in any form!

More than 20 Belgian dub artists joined forces to support 12-12 by creating an album!
All profit will be donated to 12-12, a Belgian consortium of several organisations, aiming to battle the famine that threatens 20 million people in South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Nigeria.
Help 12-12 prevent a humanitarian crisis by buying the album, making a direct transfer or starting up your own project!

More info:

Give thanks to all producers & musicians involved and to Missing Link & Juli Jupter for the artwork!
Support the album by sharing this link with your friends & family!
Strength through Unity!

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Rockin’ in Babylon with Ghetto Priest & Positive Thursdays in Dub

Rockin’ in Babylon with Ghetto Priest & Positive Thursdays in Dub

Positive Thursdays and HolyVooDou Music invite you to watch the unique music document “Rockin ‘in Babylon!” As Ghetto Priest says “Who are we without a story?”

It started with a recording session in Jinx Recording Studio and unexpectedly ended on telling the fascinating story of Wroclaw-based band. “Rockin ‘in Babylon’ is a story that proves that seemingly crazy ideas can become a reality. This humble and personal story that began long before this film. Meeting and working in the studio with Ghetto Priest, one of the most flamboyant and creative performers to have emerged on the UK reggae scene that works with Asian Dub Foundation and Adrian Sherwood it’s a prove that you always need to believe in what you doing. The main role in this movie plays music without unnecessary words.

The band was formed in 2011 as a natural extension of the oldest programs about reggae in Poland – Positive Thursdays, broadcast continuously since 2006. The need of the moment, as well as a passion for dub, initially created a project that, with time expanded by new members and eventually as a live act (selector and brass section) start playing regular gigs. 2015 was a breakthrough year for Positive Thursdays in DUB. With the passage of time, next step was about to take so DJ live act turned into a full-fledged band.  However the main goal has not been changed – it still shows the broad spectrum of reggae and dub, which Wroclaw-based group presents a unique and conscious way.

The soundtrack features rearranged versions of the original songs, most of which will be on the new Ghetto Priest album “Every Man For Every Man,” which will be released on RamRock Records, and produced by Adrian Sherwood (On U Sound).

Positive Thursdays and HolyVooDou Music invite you to watch the unique music document “Rockin ‘in Babylon!” As Ghetto Priest says “Who are we without a story?”

Release date: March 2017

Directed: Rafał Konert

Camera: Andrzej Kużas

Editing; Andrzej Kużas, Andrzej Pacyna

Production: Positive Thursdays, HolyVooDou Music

Music by: Ghetto Priest, On U Sound, 08001, Positive Thursdays in DUB

Run Time: 61 min

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Vocal Competition for reggae singers and MCs from Dreadsquad

Vocal Competition for reggae singers and MCs from Dreadsquad

Singers and MCs, check out the message from Dreadsquad:

As my new album Dreadsquad Riddim Machine vol 2 & 3 is almost ready I decided to give a chance to young talents and came up with this competition. Riddim Pack was downloaded over 800 times. There are still 2 weeks left so I thought you could give this link a little push on social medias. Thanks in advance.

below are the rules of the competition:

1. Download riddim pack from here:
2. Record a tune on any of those three riddims. Yes, you can record more than one song but remember it is about quality, not quantity 🙂
3. Send your tune to Subject: Vocal Competition, leave your contact there as well. Please don’t upload it to any social medias yet.
4. Competition ends on 12th March 2017
5. Wait until the results. We will contact you via email.

Winner tune/tunes will be released on forthcoming album Dreadsquad – Riddim Machine vol. 2 & 3. You will also have a chance to get signed to Superfly Studio label or get a free riddim of your choice from Dreadsquad cataloque and release it in label of your choice.

All tunes that will not win, can be uploaded to Soundcloud / Youtube as a free download.

Good luck!

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Easy Star All-Stars “Radiodread” re-issue

Easy Star All-Stars “Radiodread” re-issue

ES-3010_cvr_Lo-ResGood information coming from Easy Star Records!



From its inception, Easy Star Records have paved the way for progressive reggae to reach a broader audience.  Their first reggae tribute album, Dub Side of The Moon, a reggae reimagining of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, was a breakthrough success that established Easy Star Records, the Easy Star All-Stars, and producer Michael Goldwasser at the forefront of modern reggae music.  Two years later, they followed it up with Radiodread (2006), a revision of Radiohead’s OK Computer, which earned acclaim from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, LA Times, and the ultimate endorsement from Radiohead front man Thom Yorke himself.  On the album’s 10-Year Anniversary, Easy Star Records is offering a Special Edition release of Radiodread set for release on August 12, 2016.  The album features a bonus track, “High and Dry” from Radiohead’s The Bends, performed by GRAMMY-winners Morgan Heritage.  Pre-order the album here

Radiodread features an impressive array of reggae stars supplying vocals to the Easy Star All- Stars’ backing tracks. Reggae pioneers Toots and the Maytals made their Easy Star debut, singing a driving version of “Let Down” while Citizen Cope’s distinctive voice fuels the haunting “Karma Police.” Horace Andy (“Airbag”), Morgan Heritage (“Electioneering”), The Meditations (“No Surprises”), Israel Vibration (“The Tourist”), Sugar Minott (“Exit Music (For A Film)”), and Frankie Paul (“Lucky”) also joined the Easy Star All-Stars for Radiodread, which Pitchfork called, “…an entertaining project that…rises above.”

Even after ten years, Radiodread sounds fresh and relevant.  COO and co-founder Lem Oppenheimer enthusiastically states, “I think the album still resonates because it’s so damn good and [producer] Michael [Goldwasser] did an amazing job on the arrangements, especially considering how tricky the record is with time signatures. We got some really great guest vocal performances, too – Toots, Citizen Cope and Frankie Paul to name a few. It was great to turn on a lot of reggae fans to this great album by Radiohead and then to turn on plenty of Radiohead fans to reggae.”  The choice to cover Radiohead after Pink Floyd didn’t seem like the logical next move for Easy Star, but that’s what makes them continue to push the envelope.  CEO and co-founder Eric Smith elaborates, “One of the main reasons we went with OK Computer is that we wanted to avoid going with the more expected choice, like another Pink Floyd album or another mega classic rock album.”  He adds, “Reggae has always tackled dark subject matter, but manages to do it in a way that still conveys hope at the bleakest moments. Radiohead’s approach is similar.”

Easy Star All-Stars plans to work on another tribute album in 2017, but details for the project are still in their early phase.  In the meantime, you can catch the band fresh off their UK and European tour with U.S. dates starting in August throughout the Fall consisting of Radiodreadheavy sets.”

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High Tone – European tour

High Tone – European tour

High Damage - Le 104 - Paris Olivier Hoffschir

High Damage – Le 104 – Paris
Olivier Hoffschir

High Tone, underground, urban dub crew from France is on the tour. This band has always been extending the meaning of dub by exploring various musical landscapes and their latest album – psychedelic “Ekphrön” is a perfect illustration of their musical creativity and unpredictability.

High Tone – “Ekphrön” (CD)


Forthcoming shows:

+ 2015-11-04 : High Tone @ Zagreb (HR), Kset
+ 2015-11-05 : High Tone @ Budapest (HU), A38
+ 2015-11-07 : High Tone @ Ljubljana (SLO), Gala Hala
+ 2015-11-13 : High Tone @ Athens (GR) – Votanikos Live
+ 2015-11-14 : High Tone @ Thessaloniki (GR) – Principal Club
+ 2015-11-18 : High Tone @ Berlin (DE), Gretchen
+ 2015-11-19 : High Tone @ Praha (CZ), Cross Club
+ 2015-11-20 : High Tone @ Wroclaw (PL), One Love Festival
+ 2015-11-21 : High Tone @ Rostock (DE), JAZ


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Dub Camp Festival // 10-12.07.2015 // Le Pellerin, France

Dub Camp Festival // 10-12.07.2015 // Le Pellerin, France

DC#2-A3(50noms)WEBDub Camp Festival is the biggest Europan outdoor sound system festival this summer – if you are not interested in band concerts etc. but want to spend all night long surrounded only by sound systems then it definitely should be your choice. This year you will have a chance to hear the boxes of Channel One, Jah Tubbys, Blackboard Jungle, Stand High Patrol, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Lion Roots, King Shiloh and Word, Sound and Power, Kurun Positive Bassline, Roots Collective, Axis Valv-a Tron, Jah Marshall, Chalice. In the line up you will also find Jah Shaka, OBF with Shanti D, Bush Chemists, Ras Kush, Alpha & Omega, Kebra Ethiopia Sound and many more…yes, train your legs in advance…

We will be there!

Festival sites:


The price of a ticket for all 3 days starts from 76,99 Euro, other options are available.



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Bababoom Festival // 15-19.07.2015 // Italy

Bababoom Festival // 15-19.07.2015 // Italy

bababoom_manifesto_defBababoom Festival, run in Marina Palmenese (Fermo, Italy), has a solid representation for dub and sound system fans. This year in Dub Area they will host OBF with Shanti D, Iration Steppas, Channel One Sound System, Brother Culture, Bababoom Hi F, Dread Lion Hi Fi and many more. There is also nice line-up for reggae and dancehall fans, also plenty of additional activities in a beautiful environment.

Check out their sites:

Full ticket + camping costs €65.00, other options are available.



























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