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Dub Dynasty – “Thundering Mantis” (LP)

Dub Dynasty – “Thundering Mantis” (LP)

ASLP002-FRONT-800-562x562Dub Dynasty aka Alpha & Omega Meets Alpha Steppa return. After their debut album label Steppas Records was very active and gave us several nice singles, played on dancefloors all over the world. Finally the time for a LP has come!

“Thundering Mantis” is in some aspects similar to the first album “Unrelenting Force”. Once again we got powerful voices: warrior Ngoni, Ras Tinny, Wellette Seyon, Ciann Finn, Prince David and spiritual guru Mooji. Also we have instrumental tunes and dub versions of vocal ones. But for me this album is much more mature than the first one. In my opinion “Unrelenting Force” is more for lovers of raw “four-to-the-floor” beats. “Thundering Mantis” has something more – from meditative Wellette’s singing to awesome Don Fe’s instrumentals, from steady Mooji’s narration to the strong Ngoni’s message. From a smooth chant (“Blessed Ithiopia”) through african-style beats (“Ever Powering Medicine”), earthshaking “Thundering Mantis” to amazing, uplifting “Blessings” with Cian Finn (my favourite one!). Tracks have a lot of beautiful musical, well arranged parts – horns, melodicas, drums. I do not have to mention about low frequencies. This is the best thing – this album’s diversity is connected by unique, powerful Dub Dynasty’s style. You can still get hypnotized by 4×4 loops and dub space created by echoes and reverbs.

Dub Dynasty return and they are in excellent shape, like on some musical steroids. I hope that they have a good supply of them for next releases.


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Alpha Steppa presents – Trigram Three

Alpha Steppa presents – Trigram Three

TRIGRAM03-A-562x562Third release of Alpha Steppa’s series Trigram is out now. A side contains tune called “Fire Key” and its monumental intro with voice of Ras Dago speeds up to pulsing rhythm with crazy drums, massive sub frequencies and oriental instruments. On the flip side “Shaka Satori” slows down the tempo, presenting more dubstep flavour with powerful bass resonance.

Don’t play this on laptop speakers.


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Cubiculo Records – “Crucial Stepper EP”

Cubiculo Records – “Crucial Stepper EP”

AF_CubiculoRecs_LABELCubiculo Records label has surprised me very nice – they has been releasing rather digital reggae so far, but this time they gave us very tuff, heavy steppers. This amazing 12” is the 5th piece from Cubiculo and its power comes from Belgian guy Digid, who is responsible for three versions. First one is voiced by Brazilian Junior Dread, known from his works alongside fellows from DigitalDubs, who is fighting hard with surrounding Babylon. Second one is dub with heavy bass, which sounds like proper thunder and in third version it is exposed very strongly – yeah, it is RAW. The dessert we got remix from Alpha Steppa, who adds his very characteristic flavor which ensures, that a lot of dances will be mashed up by this EP.

People from Cubiculo Records describes this EP as heavyweight music, full of cosmic basslines surrounded by spacial atmospheres and this is good summary for this release. Solid one, a “must have” for every dubhead!


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Alpha Steppa – Steppas Studio

Alpha Steppa – Steppas Studio

studio1Name: Alpha Steppa’s Steppas Studio

Description: In one form or another the studio has been running for more than 10 years in various locations around the globe. The studio is a manifestation of a passion to create music and a lack of money and studio space. Which inadvertently led to an important realisation: less is more. Rather than spending time worrying about expensive studio equipment, VSTs, plugins and sample packs, spend time making music. A truly innovative and productive studio comes from within, you just need a few simple tools to help you realise your potential.

Steppas Tools:

+ Laptop (Very well used 2009 Macbook)
note: the lower the processing speed, the better, as this will limit you to using less tracks, forcing you to make each track 100% integral to the production.

+ Ableton Live/ Soundbooth
note: it doesn’t really matter which DAW you use, but Ableton allows you to work quickly, which is important as bass lines, rhythms and melodies may come into your head and only stay for a short time!

+ M-Audio Midi Keyboard
note: get one with as many keys as you can afford.

+ M-Audio UC33e Midi Controller (Mixer)
note: for midi mixing, this unit is almost perfect, although if I had more money I’d probably try one of these:

studio2+ Sennheiser HD 205 Headphones/ Beyerdynamic DT770 Headphones
note: use headphones that don’t compress your head too much, as your head is your most important tool.

+ Wharfedale Diamond Studio 8.2 ProActive Monitors
note: monitors are important, but remember to test your productions wherever you can, the ultimate test (besides the soundsystem test) is the ‘good in the car’ test, if your production sounds good in the car, you’ve nailed it.

+ Miditech Audiolink Pro Midi Soundcard
note: this soundcard is pretty cheap but it does the job, if you can afford a better one, get a better one.

+ ADK A51 Solid State Condensor Microphone.
note: very nice.

+ Shoe
note: works well as a mic stand.

+ Thin sock or tights
note: I don’t wear tights so instead I use a thin sock as a pop shield.


+ Roland SH-101 Bass Synth
note: these things have played a huge part in the evolution of bass music, but as I said before, try not to get too distracted by lovely machines like this. You can probably make a bassline as good as the SH-101 by annoying a duck and recoding the sound it makes, a simple 8 band EQ can change any sound into whatever you want.

+ Dub Siren
note: some people like them, some people don’t like them, I love them. I use a 1992 Red Eye siren and have recently welcomed Rig Smith’s NJD siren with built in echo to the family. I also use a small theremin as a siren. Mostly used for playing out live but can also be nice in productions too.

+ Boss Digital Delay
note: I borrowed this off of a friend and it sounds great. However, Ableton’s built in delays are more than capable, as long as you use them well. I also recommend King Dubby’s Delay, one of the only VSTs I use and it’s free!

+ Melodica
note: small, cheap and versatile.

+ Instruments
note: surround yourself with as many instruments as possible and make sure to use them. Or if you travel a lot, don’t have much space and don’t have much money, make friends with people who own instruments. Alternatively, make use of your surroundings: radiators, microwaves, toasters and seagulls can help your productions to no end!

studio3Enjoy yourself! ~ Alpha Steppa

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

“Manifest plainness, Embrace simplicity, Reduce selfishness, Have few desires.” Lao Tzu

“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.” Leo Tolstoy

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Confucius

“Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy” Isaac Newton

“Or, rather, let us be more simple and less vain.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

“It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials.” Bruce Lee

Studio homepage:

Location: Anywhere (Currently London, UK/ Dartmoor, UK)


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Alpha Steppa & Joe Ariwa & Lee Scratch Perry – “Open door”

Alpha Steppa & Joe Ariwa & Lee Scratch Perry – “Open door”


That’s right – young dubheads remix classic tune “Open door” with characteristic voice of Lee Perry on a riddim made by Mad Professor. This tune has been remixed by Alpha&Omega in their heavy style with a brilliant melodica. This is how it looked in the past, now it’s 2013 and the tune gets new coloring and a boost of modernity. Alpha Steppa (son of Alpha&Omega duet) and Joe Ariwa (son of the master Mad Professor) are responsible for the new version. Alpha did it in his own style, connecting Lee Perry’s voice with a heavy rhythm and a subtle melodica, so it’s comparable to the creation of Alpha&Omega, but there is also a surprising version with bass and space, which i love in dub; and that ra ta ta ta ta (whatever it means, it’s beautiful). The next 2 versions made by Joe Ariwa also represent his recognizable style. As for me they don’t shine – they seem to similar, but maybe it’s just my impression. I like his experiments with the dubstep, but I see no fireworks in this approach. To sum up – I am for interpretting classics, especially if it’s done by good producers. I recommend it to everyone, the crazy ra ta ta ta ta will stay in the speakers for a long time.

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Trigram – J-Path

Trigram – J-Path


The fact that Alpha Steppa draws inspiration from distant Japan or Korea probably is known by every aware listener; but not everybody knows that he promotes artist from that region for some time. Thanks to it we get to know J-Path, who is present on the music scene for about 20 years. He has been moving in different genres – hip-hop, drum’n’bass and at the present he is exploring the dubstep. Usually he works in Seoul, improving his music which tells us that creativity isn’t limited to one category and can always take us in a completely new jurney if we only want.

01. J-Path – Threshing Ground

02. J-Path – Threshing Ground [A. Steppa Remix]

03. J-Path & Smiley Song – Truth & Dub

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Alpha Steppa – Tricast01

Alpha Steppa – Tricast01


Alpha Steppa, besides releasing other artists, isn’t idle and he gives us a mix of tracks that weren’t published before and ones that will be released on miscellaneous mediums soon. That mix contains some tough dubstep tunes served in a way that you listen to it with a flush, waiting for every next track. The first release is J-Path, and the album will be reviewed on our page (project Trigram is coming…) Are compilations like this one are a new way to present tracks that are going to be released in the future? If so, I am happy about that and I’m wating for more alike stuff.

By the way, we have to brag that Alpha Steppa published his recent tune, which is on the mix, as a video clip and the and dub senses birthday party that took place in Cracow is a background to it! (material has been recorded by Meet Steem).

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