Emana Sound Records presents – Mr Zebre, Sis I Leen, Ist3p, Chazbo, Bredrin Records, Conscious Tribe

Emana Sound Records presents – Mr Zebre, Sis I Leen, Ist3p, Chazbo, Bredrin Records, Conscious Tribe

emanaFrench soundsystem scene is amazing, probably every dubhead knows that. I am very glad that they often promote producers less known outside the country. Presented Emma Sound Records release, where big names are next to artists I haven’t heard of, confirms it.

It’s been like half a year since their latest release ( so the appetite for a new album grew even more. The hunger has been appeased completely, couldn’t be any different when we get such 4 tunes with 4 versions.

The album is opened by very active recently Mr Zebre’s “Open the boards”, vocally supported by Sis I Leen, known I.a. from cooperation with OBF or Iron Dubz, proving one more time that on heavy rhythms she’s in her element. The second track is produced by a Ist3p, who blew my mind with his ‘Medusa’. It’s hard to recover from such a hit and the version by Chazbo didn’t help at all, simply a knockout and a certain favourite to be play at 4 in the morning. It’s only the A side, I am already very satisfied and it gets even better when I head ‘Dark Natty’ by Bredrin Records or Benjah&EK duo who refer to Aba Shanti style with their production. Lastly, there is ‘Hard Times’ by Conscious Tribe and Chazbo’s mix.

Incredible release, 100% soundsystem earthquake!

P.S. The vinyl is a collective and solidarity project that all funds will be donate to “Yalla! Pour les enfants”, an association who helps children refugees in Europe with education programs.

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Emana Sound Records – “Adubtion Family”

Emana Sound Records – “Adubtion Family”

CouvertureAnnonceVinyle (2)This is the second release from Emana Sound Records, related with French Emana Sound System. The 12” contains 4 tunes with 4 dub versions and is opened by the most calm from them – “Thriller” in a steppers style, with a solid bassline prepared by Indy Boca and Jacko on the vocals. Also in “Soul Force” bass is resonating so nice and the tune is moving as a heavy roller thanks to FootPring System, moreover all juices are squeezed out in the dub version by Chazbo (who is responsible for all dub versions on this release). The B side is also a nice experience, served firstly by Prayanam, who in “Save Your Planet” used oriental themes. Joined with a strong steppers it sounds very well. And lastly my personal favourites – Stepper Allianz with “King David” – top a top heavyweight tune with energy and power, the dub version with plenty of reverbs end echoes is moving this tune in a different dimension.



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Wieża kontrolna nadaje!

Wieża kontrolna nadaje!

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CTR009_promoWydawnictwo Control Tower z Francji znów raczy nas nowymi produkcjami, pierwsza z nich to singiel Weeding Dub. Jest to 7” z wokalnym udziałem Little R i zapowiada nowy album Weeding Dub.


A side: *LITTLE R* – Believe in YRSLF // B side: *WEEDING DUB* – Believe In Dub

produced and mixed by Weeding Dub vocal by Little R

mastered at Reverse Primecut

7inch vinyl – Limited Edition – 2013

Kolejnym wydawnictwem jest 10” Roots Ista Posse, którzy mają na swoim koncie już kilka świetnych killerów sound systemowych oraz wydawnictwo netlabelowe: .

Brand New 10″on *Roots Ista Posse Records*

R!P-1004 – Limited Edition

A side: Walk of Shebah Dub – Shebah Dub

B side: Supah Powa Dub – Powa Dub

Produced by Roots Ista Posse Recorded & Mixed at Dub Cabin – Paristown

Ostatnia płyta promowana przez Control Tower to włosko-brytyjska kolaboracją Imperial Sound Army z Chazbo. Ci, którzy znają wydawnictwo netlabelowe Italian Dub Community, Włochów z pewnością kojarzą i śledzą ich poczynania. Natomiast ich gość Chazbo to znany specjalista od riddimów pełnych dubowej przestrzeni i melodiki.

Brand New 10″on *Imperial Roots Records*

IR10-002 – Limited Edition

A side: *Sis Miky* “Book Of Life” – *Mesh* “Kibir Le Negus Dub”

B side : *Chazbo* “On A Mission”* – Imperial Sound Army* “Dub Mission”

Produced by Imperial Sound Army outta Italy

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Ackboo – “Turn up the amplifier”

Ackboo – “Turn up the amplifier”

0002178356_350France brings us a lot of positive dub experience this year. The new long play made by young producer Ackboo surely has to be counted among them. He appeared on the scene around 2007 and 2 years after he released his first single “Bangladesh Dub” thanks to which the British and French scene remarked him. Since then, he released more singles, including “How Long” that opened many doors in front of him, such as performing on big European festivals. Hammerbass label (promoters of Kanka, Miniman and others) got interested in his talent and released the mentioned album, which strongly pretends to be the album of the year. Ackboo got assisted by leading soundsystem vocalists – Macky Banton recorded a tribute to the whole dub-sundsystem scene on a riddim, which presses you into the ground and teleports to a party lead by Iration Steppas. Another guest is Omar Perry on a riddim based on “Welcome to Jamrock” – flows excellently. In the next tune we get charmed by King General and the heavy bassline. Besides the known voices, we can hear some rookies – Green Cross, Marcus Gad or amazing Dr. B in awesome “Rootikal Warriors”. Musically, Ackboo is backed up by Matic Horns and Chazbo. Lastly, we have a little flavour: his “Bangladesh Dub” remixed into dubstep by ODG. There is nothing else for me to say, but the fact, that you need to buy this album! By hearing it you will discover the true meaning of heavyweight dub steppa!!!


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Konkurs #6

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100219_desdemonaJuż 19 lutego odbędzie się trzecia odsłona imprezy DubMass, organizowanej przez trójmiejski Pandadread Soundsystem. Gwiazdą tej sesji będzie Chazbo, reprezentant doskonale znanej fanom uk rootsu i dubu formacji Bush Chemists. Oprócz niego wystąpią także gospodarze- Pandadread, oraz reprezentant stołecznego Roots Revival- Jaszol.

Do rozdania mamy 3 bilety na tą imprezę. Aby zdobyć jedną z wejściówek wystarczy wysłać do nas maila na adres podając w nim swoje imię i nazwisko oraz krótko uzasadniając dlaczego to właśnie Ty powinieneś/powinnaś otrzymać od nas wejściówkę. Nagrodzone zostaną najciekawsze, najbardziej oryginalne odpowiedzi.

UWAGA! W temacie wiadomości prosimy wpisać “konkurs #6”.

Na zgłoszenia czekamy do środy 17 lutego 2010. Zwycięzcy zostaną powiadomieni mailem.


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