Ackboo – “Turn up the amplifier”

0002178356_350France brings us a lot of positive dub experience this year. The new long play made by young producer Ackboo surely has to be counted among them. He appeared on the scene around 2007 and 2 years after he released his first single “Bangladesh Dub” thanks to which the British and French scene remarked him. Since then, he released more singles, including “How Long” that opened many doors in front of him, such as performing on big European festivals. Hammerbass label (promoters of Kanka, Miniman and others) got interested in his talent and released the mentioned album, which strongly pretends to be the album of the year. Ackboo got assisted by leading soundsystem vocalists – Macky Banton recorded a tribute to the whole dub-sundsystem scene on a riddim, which presses you into the ground and teleports to a party lead by Iration Steppas. Another guest is Omar Perry on a riddim based on “Welcome to Jamrock” – flows excellently. In the next tune we get charmed by King General and the heavy bassline. Besides the known voices, we can hear some rookies – Green Cross, Marcus Gad or amazing Dr. B in awesome “Rootikal Warriors”. Musically, Ackboo is backed up by Matic Horns and Chazbo. Lastly, we have a little flavour: his “Bangladesh Dub” remixed into dubstep by ODG. There is nothing else for me to say, but the fact, that you need to buy this album! By hearing it you will discover the true meaning of heavyweight dub steppa!!!