[Review] Dubateers & Friends – “Dubplate Attack”

[Review] Dubateers & Friends – “Dubplate Attack”

dubateersWhen I was listening to the opening track from this album, I thought that this gonna be the most eclectic album by Dubateers so far. “Beat It” – a famous tune by Michael Jackson sounds very nice in a dub style! The next one “Roots Power” with vocals of El Indio also is in a slightly different, soul-dub mood, as well as “Humanitarian Crisis” or “Monster Mix”. For me all these tracks for are paying tribute to the sounds of electronic music 80s/90s – all this long pads, drums structure, and especially synth sounds! I really love them, they are one of the best I’ve recently heard in modern dub productions.  It’s very refreshing for me to hear some different approach to modern dub compositions. Of course we still hear Dubateers’ hallmarks – soft drums and little bit crushed hi-hats and cymbals, fast basslines. Moreover, we get some tracks with Nick’s unique digi-dub style – from excellent, more rootical “Production” with Brother Culture, old-school “Hola Medi” with Singer Blue, through pounding steppa in “Learning Curve” with I-Mitri or very moody and dark “Take Care Of Another” featuring Sista Jane on the vocals.

This album is confirmation of Dubateers skills in using the dub art – reusing, innovating, playing with music, continuous act of creating and re-creating, composing and decomposing into something new. Dub is not only music without vocals, it’s not only putting echoes and reverbs. It can be if you want to see it in that way, but the real pleasure starts if you find how it can enrich your whole perspective on music.




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[Review] “World Destruction” – Dreadsquad & Blackout JA (Superfly Studio)

[Review] “World Destruction” – Dreadsquad & Blackout JA (Superfly Studio)

SF032 - artwork - world destruction (1000x1000)Polish talented producer Marek Bogdański aka Dreadsquad and Jamaican charismatic vocalist Blackout JA met at Uprising Festival in Slovakia and decided to spend a week writing and recording to produce what is now the main body of ‘World Destruction’. We’ve had a sneak preview of what to expect thanks to singles “Last Tune” and “A Girl Like You” (http://dubmassive.org/en/12137/new-dub-releases-from-dreadsquad).

The full album brings us best of the duo with an eclectic set of tunes varying from steady, moody reggae in “Innocent Persecution” or “Take My Love”  to a crazy steppers with a wild horns section like mentioned “Last Tune”. Between these we get what is Dreadsquad’s strong suit – a mixture of modern low-bass music, raggamuffin, rub-a-dub and dancehall vibes in “Drop The Bassline”, “Dance Fi Mi” or “Sound System”. The overall combination shows how flexible and talented are both producer and vocalist. Blackout JA can easily suit his very strong voice even into lovers vibes without losing his “harsh” uniqueness. All riddims produced by Dreadsquad sound very soft and especially in old-school tracks they have this smooth and warm flavour – but watching Marek’s activity about equipment on Facebook this is not surprising for me.

Supplementary to main album, a separate one with versions is also available.


Release info:

Release ID: SF032

Format: digital download

Label: Superfly Studio


Innocent persecution
Dance fi mi
Never give in
Drop the bass line
Sound system
World destruction
Take my love
In My Head pt.2 (feat. Dub FX & Adam Faz)
Police brutality
Last tune (feat. Kush Arora & Smerins Anti-Social Club)








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[Review] “Sounds From The Ark” – The Rockers Disciples meet The Producers

[Review] “Sounds From The Ark” – The Rockers Disciples meet The Producers

rockersThis is one of the best reggae albums I’ve listened to over the past few years. Ten incredibly beautiful tracks, rich, delightful and full of musical joy. It can’t be otherwise when you look at the musicians and producers – Blackboard Jungle, Prince Jamo, Don Fe, Roberto Sanchez, Ras Divarius, Joan Hoareau, David Garcia, Greg “Jata”, Clem Bernard, HP Barnet, Julo Gazeau, Jaime C.Montes, Gorka Fernandez and Harold Wolters. I credit them all here because they deserve it as hell.

Everything on this album is worth highlighting – amazing arrangements and compositions, diversity of instruments and melodies, excellent vocals by Prince Jamo, the sound of each section, warm and nonplastic overall taste of this vibrant music coming from the speakers.

Take this album to a party, picnic, your car, for a walk. A truly masterpiece for everyday enjoying  reggae!

Release Info:

Release ID: BJLP003

Label: Blackboard Jungle

Format: LP / CD

Produced by Blackboard Jungle & Rock Dis

A1 Water of Life
A2 Mountain Rock
A3 Abyssal Groove
A4 Same old Story
A5 Lightning & Thunder
B1 Earth Rumbles
B2 Mystic Wind
B3 Jungle’s Calling
B4 Fire Rises
B5 Sky Melodies


Bienvenue Sur Blackboard Jungle


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[Release Info] Adam Prescott – “Warrior” LP – Reggae Roast Records

[Release Info] Adam Prescott – “Warrior” LP – Reggae Roast Records

prescottAdam Prescott’s (Reggae Roast) debut LP, featuring the vocal talents of some of the best MC’s & Singers in the business including, Brother Culture, Charlie P, Donovan Kingjay, Jago, Rod Taylor, Dark Angel, Karizma, Parly B, Zico & two instrumental cuts, featuring Saxophonist Papa B.

Release info:

Adam Prescott
‘Warrior’ LP (RRLP001)
Reggae Roast Records
Release Date: April 2016
Format: Digital

Listen / buy:






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Dub Dynasty – “Holy Cow”

Dub Dynasty – “Holy Cow”

Holy-Cow-Album-ArtDub Dynasty, combined forces of Alpha Steppa and Alpha&Omega, returns with the third album full of music – on their double LP  we have 16 tracks and digital versions contain bonuses. What can we expect from the dub family this time?

Let’s start from guests, because there is a lot of them. We have Cologne, who fits in with solid riddims very well, but we’ve already heard this on “Rooted & Grounded”; we have Steppas Records veteran Ras Tinny. Woman voices are represented by Kiangana and Sista Jane Warriah. The list is finished by Iyano Iyanti and Violinbwoy.

Musically we get what’s best from Alpha&Omega and Alpha Steppa. Hypnotic, tribal riddims, many times filled with etno-style elements and dub magic – just listen to “I Am Dub”. Tunes with women vocals are fantastic – firstly we hear beautiful, slow and heavy anthem “Material Things” and next comes fast, dark “Oh Father” with Kiangana – if you like the style of Alpha&Omega’s tracks like “Rastafari”, you will be satisfied. By the way the second one with Kiangana is in the same mood and the result of slow singing based on a massive and fast bassline is great; a similar thing is with melody played by Violinbwoy in “The Orchard”. In the middle of LP we hit my favourite, dub massacre called “Rig Veda”, which I guess is the best combination of two styles sitting in the heads of this album’s authors. Below this track in a dubplate version played by Iration Steppas:

Cologne has taken my liking on “Rooted & Grounded”, here again he sounds excellent on steppers riddims perfectly suited for a soundsystem session; the same thing is with tunes with Ras Tinny.

Epic moment with Blackboard Jungle & Little Omara skanking on the stage!!! International Dub Gathering is a must!!!

Opublikowany przez Dub Academy na 30 marca 2016

The basslines traditionally performs a massage of listener’s guts during loud listening, but what has entranced me the most is diversity, glued with this dark, mythical, hypnotic aura.  Like from a magical forest, full of elves with their fabulous instruments and suspicious mushrooms, letting you connect with spirits…Besides, in many tunes we hear twittering birds – check “Footsteps” or “Holy Cow”. And if we’re talking about this title track, a cow story – the title sanctifying these animals can be understood in many ways; the cow was and is an object of worship in a lot of religions. In the context of civilisation she can be our warning, how negative impact on the environment we make by factory farming and how human beings could sink to such depths, if we look to cruel practices of this procedure – “gentle” details of animal treatment you can find on Compassion In World Farming.

To summarize – Dub Dynasty feels very well, is close to nature and still works on mastership in dub and wizardry.




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Gentelman’s Dub Club – “The Big Smoke”

Gentelman’s Dub Club – “The Big Smoke”

1500-x-1500-Album-CoverIt’s been two years since the last album of Gentlemans outta Leeds. With their new one they took a cooperation with Easy Star Records (Easy Star All Stars, John Brown’s Body, The Black Seeds, etc). On the new disc you will find 11 tracks which will bring you the best mix of live reggae, heavy dub, solid bass and the great horns. With this album you can meditate, contemplate, relax or skank, jump and twist! This one is very different from their last CD. I believe in this one you can feel more experience and good planning, even for the track setlist – everything has it’s special place. Now I just can’t wait to feel that energy and see GDC live & direct on the road!



Home NEW

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Vibronics – “The Return of Vibronics”

Vibronics – “The Return of Vibronics”

The Return Of VIBRONICSWhen I hear that Steve Vibronics is making a new release, it gives me the shivers, no matter what it will be – 7”, 10”, 12” or full album. Long awaited, the newest LP “The Return of Vibronics” surely can be found as one of the best made by the hands of one of the best dub producers of our times. Everyone, who knows Vibronics’ tunes can imagine what to expect – but here we get even more bass with great, catchy melodies; even more energy and dub! 12 heavy compositions, each of them can fire up a soundsystem dancefloor. The music is complemented by top vocalists: Micheal Prophet in a excellent, steppers riddim “Searching For Jah”, Macka B in his best style asks us are we ready (always!), Soom T on a initially rootical riddim splendidly sings against Babylon, Madu, who is singing with Steve on almost every show, knows all the ins and outs of the riddims and fits perfectly; Danman’s deejay style is great as usual, the same is valid for I-Mitri’s voicing. Vibronics’ LP one more time opens our minds for beautiful melodies in dub music. This release is a must for every dubhead!




Ps. Also a new, concert album has been released – Brain Damage&Vibronics – “Empire Soldiers live”. A whole hour with fantastic music from “Empire Soldiers” (http://dubmassive.org/5986/brain-damage-meets-vibronics-empire-soldiers-juz-wkrotce/). Well, it’s not much to add, grab it and listen. What a pity, that such concert never happened in Poland – the meeting of two, future dub titans!


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Wicked Dub Division & Michela Grena – “Dub Drops”

Wicked Dub Division & Michela Grena – “Dub Drops”

dubdrops_coverWe get an amazing, so mystical release from Italians – in 2014 a cooperation between Wicked Dub Division (live dub) and Michela Grena took place, what resulted in “Dub Drops”. All of them are veterans of Italian dub scene, WDD has been working since 10 years and they have a lot of both vinyl releases and free, netlabel ones. Michela used to sing in well known band BR Stylers. The album consists of 10 tracks, where dub is the foundation, sometimes in a minimal style, sometimes more dark, but always with a solid bass and conscious lyrics passed by beautiful Michela’s voice. Every tune is a solid dub, but “New Slavery” can be a showcase of their style – both brilliant words and music creates amazing vibe, moving into jazz world in the dub version. In many moments this releases reminds me Ragana (http://dubmassive.org/1181/ragana-a-long-delay-ago/) and makes me sad, that they are no longer active. I wish WDD and Michele to give us more such good albums – never enough of live dub!



PS. One of their tracks can be heard on PAP017/Paproota Dub Compilation Vol. 4 – http://pl.paproota.org/?page_id=739

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