[Review] Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. YT – “No Wata Down Ting”

SCOBLP006_cover_1500This is it! After so many great collaborations, YT and Mungo’s Hi-Fi released a LP. Ten tracks full of rub-a-dub and reggae vibe sound just excellent. It can’t be otherwise when Prince Fatty is invited to cooperation – warm but powerful basslines (“Raggamuffin girl”!) and an analogue flavour are guaranteed. Besides YT we hear also two legends – Johnny Osbourne and Little John – and the tracks with these two are my favourites. Especially “No Wata Down Ting” sounds great, combining an old-school style with a modern beat. Back to YT – he proves with this LP, that he is a complete artist. Vocally he is moving smoothly between fast chatting and singing, also lyrically he is not afraid to touch many topics. Musically he fits in with reggae vibe (brilliant “Work to do”), not to mention rub-a-dub/dancehall and even jazz-like ska (“Bumpercart”). An excellent album for pleasurable listening.






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