[Release info] Parly B – “This is digital” EP (Scotch Bonnet)

SCOBNET003-CD_front_1500New digital boomshot from Mungo’s Hi-Fi camp – Parly B in full-flavoured release!

“Parly B first held the mic as a teenager in the 90s, inspired by dancehall legends such as Capleton, Papa San and Cutty Ranks. He got involved with his local scene in Doncaster mainly hosting Jungle nights, so he is as much hi fiat home in a rave as in a dancehall session. In fact, he only burst into the dub and reggae scene relatively recently, but with a vibe and distinctive sound that producers are hungry for, so he has quickly amassed a large catalogue. Scotch Bonnet Records felt it was time to put together a collection of his work on the label and it was hard to decide what to leave out.

Indubitably the nicest rudeboy you are likely to meet.”
Digital release available from the 18th of August,
Limited CD version exclusively at scotchbonnet.net




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