Panda Dub ft. Daddy Freddy, Brother Culture & Kali Green – “Lent Roots Pour Chant” EP

LION'S DEN - Cover

Newly created label called Lion’s Den has just released a 12″ album by French producer Panda Dub. He specializes in heavy steppers tunes with rich arrangements – it’s the same way this time. The mix was done by Roommate, and the riddim was filled with lyrics by a legendary soundbwoy Daddy Freddy, Brother Culture who used “Dance Teng” lyric from 1985 and Kali Green, who calls us to live consciously. Lastly, there is a dub version with mix of the vocals and a strong bass piercing the whole body. It all guarantees us  a soundsystem hit. We can congratulate Lion’s Den on their great debut and wish that their every release has been on such an amazing level!