Zion Train – “Money” EP

1000x450The dub veterans don’t slow down – they are going to release a new EP “Money” that announces the new album named “Land of the blind”, which is coming out at the end of the year. The release is opened by Jamaican bobo dread Fitta Warri, who again performs with whole Zion Train crew and shows his bests style in “Permanent Pressure”. Part-time Zion Train chatter Dubdadda in “Roots Man Play” shows his remarkable skill as a singer. Daman, who lately recorded a genius netlabel release with K-Sann (http://odgprod.com/2014/05/k-sann-ft-daman-monopolize-ep/), is responsible for the last vocal version. On the rhythm made by Zion Train his voice sounds brilliant and the lyrics about money will reach everyone.

The Zion Train rhythm “Money” deserves few words as well – the version for vocalists is a classic production in the Neils Perch style, winds section is an important element here. I’ve been surprised while listening to “Money Dub”. The rhythm seemingly doesn’t change compared with the one with vocals (of course there were reverbs, echoes, sirens etc.) and in the middle of the track something happens – the bass turns into one known better from dubstep productions for such a short time that it amazingly spices up the whole tune. I admire Perch for that he is able to use various elements and still doesn’t follow the new trends and stays on the roots path set out long before. There is nothing else left than repeat the invitation to Zion Train concert in Ostróda and unfortunately wait for some records and comments from it, eventually it’s 25 years of joy of their music!