[Review] The Grinders – “Liar Liar” ft. Carlton Livingston (Down The Bush Records)

[Review] The Grinders – “Liar Liar” ft. Carlton Livingston (Down The Bush Records)

dtb011-the-grinders-liar-liar-ft-carlton-livingstonThe Grinders, who has already been presented on our site,  (https://dubmassive.org/en/?s=grinders) are planning a new album in October and presented 7” single is an extract from the LP.

“Liar Liar” ft. Carlton Livingston is a nice moody, bassy reggae tune shipped with also very nice versions: a lovely old-fashion dubwise one, a crazy jungle mix and a powerful steppers style.

All sounds really good and I definitely like the idea of many different versions here. Looking forward for the full album!



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J:Kenzo – “Without” / “Within” (ZamZam Sounds)

J:Kenzo – “Without” / “Within” (ZamZam Sounds)

Another exploration in the realm of sub frequencies from ZamZam Sounds, this time with J:Kenzo as a guide.

zam44_1200pixw“It’s no exaggeration to say that J:Kenzo is one of the leading lights of underground bass music today.  As a producer for labels as diverse, venerable, and crucial as Tempa, Metalheadz, and Exit Records he makes much of the music defining the moment from drum & bass to steppers.  He also shapes our listening and dancing through the careful curation of his own Artikal Music UK and Lion Charge imprints, to say nothing of his monthly Rinse FM show and non-stop global touring.  Needless to say we were extremely pleased when he approached us with two tunes tailor-made for ZamZam.

“Without” is a 140 workout, at once minimalist, muscular, mezamditative and sinister.  A deep skanking pad and synthetic percussion set the stage for the leaden kick and steady hi hat pulse calling all dancers.  Rockers’ drum fill and test tone sprinkle dubwise flavor as the haunting melodics waft through, as hypnotic as smoke trails in a cloudy studio. “Without” is perfectly crafted in every respect.

The flip side “Within” is another expertly honed journey into deep 140 waters, heavy on the atmospherics that recall wide open vistas and treacherous seas.  Synth and bass work as one, surfacing and diving to both anchor and propel a massive riddim both heady and totally physical.  The hi hat is again steady with punctuating snares & claps, huge chasms of space open up leaving the listener stunned at the depths within.”




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Versa – “A Midsummer Night’s Dub” / Versa & Rowl “Trimorphic” (ZamZam Sounds)

Versa – “A Midsummer Night’s Dub” / Versa & Rowl “Trimorphic” (ZamZam Sounds)

zam43_1200pixwZamZam #43 brings us mystical and extra deep and steppers by Versa, with resonating bass that literally fill up the room with your speakers. In contrast to this extremely low areas we get very moody guitar melodies. On the flip side we move with more broken rhythm into dub techno area.

“Joining the ZamZam ranks with # 43, Versa (AKA Michael Nickless AKA Michael Versa) is well known to sound system music addicts from a string of wicked releases beginning in 2009, most recently a pair of highly sought after plates on the mighty System label. Versa’s productions are known for extremely powerful basslines, a deeply dubwise production sensibility and masterful sound design.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dub” is a truly blissful 130 stepper, let by an unforgettable, filigreed melody threading Occident and Orient. Washed out yet insistent hi hats and claps locked with a deeply melodic bassline drive the riddim, augmented by beautifully delayed guitar licks and mixing prowess reminiscent of classic Dub Syndicate updated for the modern sound system dance.

Versa is joined by frequent sparring partner Rowl on the B side, “Trimorphic,” an extraordinarily deep and emotive journey into 140 space. Powered by a tight staccato kick and equally clipped sub line, the tune revels in deep pads with a pedigree in the best of classic dub techno. Accented by fluttering percussion, gorgeous synth washes and restrained, masterful dubbing, “Trimorphic” is a journey for those who like to plumb the depths unchained from convention – real Sounds from The Well.”





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[Release info] Earl 16 / Bisweed / Chaozlevel – “Righteous Groove” (Strictly Dub Records)

[Release info] Earl 16 / Bisweed / Chaozlevel – “Righteous Groove” (Strictly Dub Records)

A-SDRV7003Good news from Tallinn, Estonia! The next release from Strictly Dub Records brings well-known and wonderful voice of Earl Sixteen on the extraordinary steppers riddim made by Bisweed, followed by dub version in a slow, deep and heavy fashion.

“We return with our next release and at this time we proudly present a local production by a young Estonian musician – Bisweed. At this time we issue a 45 record on the A side of which there is a vocal support by the living legend Earl 16 with a song called “Righteous Groove”, and on the B side, an exclusive dub mix called “Righteous Melodica” by the head of label Simon Chaozlevel and melodica played by Bisweed.

Bisweed hasn’t yet worked with dub music but over the last years he has established himself as a potential dubstep producer. His skills though help him record vocals, classical dub melodica and a dub mix with ease. Since Bisweed is mostly inspired by the British dub music, on the A side of the record you can hear disconcertingly dark, deep and heavy sub and a strict stepper beat. However the horn section in the chorus parts adds composition a delightful elevation and melodiousness. Earl Sixteen’s legendary voice wafts through the rough and tough riddim. The roots and culture lyrics add this creation even more harmony and balance.

Since we are trying to keep classical tradition, we have a dub version on B side. The version differs from original much: it’s much more raw, it’s not a stepper, the expanded bass gives the music more meditational atmosphere while melodica played by Bisweed clinks just at the right moments. Light and minimalistic percussions by Simon Chaozlevel add rhythmical allure to the composition. Righteous Melodica! Music on the both sides was composed, arranged and mixed by Bisweed in his studio in Tallinn, Estonia. Earl Sixteen had a record session in Birmingham, UK, in Friendly Fire Studio. The mastering sound quality and lacquer cut is guaranteed by Sam from Precise Mastering. Simon Chaozlevel recorded the dub version and made everything possible issuing this wonderful record for you! You won’t often hear a combo of dub from Tallinn and a Jamaican singer!”


Earl Sixteen / Bisweed / Chaozlevel 7”

45RPM // SDRV7003

Strictly Dub Records – Tallinn, Estonia

September 2016 // Vinyl & Digital Download



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[Release info] Mungo’s Hi Fi – “African ting riddim” (Dumbarton Rock)

[Release info] Mungo’s Hi Fi – “African ting riddim” (Dumbarton Rock)

DUMBY01_ANew 7” from Mungo’s Hi-Fi camp, this the first release from new label Dumbarton Rock.

“Dumbarton Rock is a brand new rub-a-dub label which pays homage to the foundation masters while bringing a breath of fresh air to them. It is named after the ancient capital of Alt Clud, the last stronghold of the Britons, frequented by King Arthur, Merlin and St Mungo. Now Mungo has returned with some crucial cuts brought back from Jamaica, featuring live instruments, tape mastering and vocalists with vibes. Ranking Joe, Shanti D, Ranking Levy and Cheshire Cat set a torch to vanity and greed.
The two 7” singles are limited to a 500 hand numbered press. They will only be shipped direct from Scotland www.scotchbonnet.net – no digital, vinyl only, no repress.”


A. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Shanti D & Ranking Levy – Total disaster
B. Mungo’s Hi Fi – Disastrous dub
A. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Ranking Joe – Snap a selfie
B. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Cheshire Cat – Roll with no vampire



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[Release Info] “No Friend Fi Dem” – Tonto Irie, “Ripper Riddim” – Naram and Art / (Cubiculo Records)

[Release Info] “No Friend Fi Dem” – Tonto Irie, “Ripper Riddim” – Naram and Art / (Cubiculo Records)

Weteran MC Tonto Irie powraca po wielu latach przerwy w wydanictwach i nawija na współczesnym, mrocznym digitalowym riddimie z brudnymi liniami basu autorstwa duetu Naram and Art. Kolejna digitalowa perełka od Cubiculo Records.



ID: CR7005

Label: Cubiculo Records

Format: 7” winyl


A. Tonto Irie – No Friend Fi Dem
B. Naram and Art – Ripper Riddim


Wszystkie dobre sklepy z płytami.




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[Release Info] “Healer” – Resonators (Wah Wah 45s)

[Release Info] “Healer” – Resonators (Wah Wah 45s)

Heavy roots music full of soul with beautiful vocal harmonies – “Healer” by Brighton-based band Resonators is a sneak preview what to expect from a full album “Imaginary People” coming in September 2016.

healerRelease info:

Label: Wah Wah 45s

Format: Digital / 7”

Release date: 10th of June, 2016

1. Healer (7″ Edit)
2. Healer (Dub)






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[Release Info] “Ina Di Dancehall – Barbés.D feat. Dan I Locks (Belleville International)

[Release Info] “Ina Di Dancehall – Barbés.D feat. Dan I Locks (Belleville International)

Another 7” from Belleville International aka Patate Records, nice Dan I Locks vocals with an always important message. The riddim produced by Barbés.D is moody steppers with a digital flavour.


artworks-000167185048-mkl7kg-t500x500Release info:

Release ID: BEL771A

Label: Belleville International

Format: 7”


A. Ina di Dancehall feat Dan I Locks
B. Dub Version



Soon in all good record shops





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